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What Can You Expect in a Sober Living Home?


What is a sober living home?

A sober living home is a type of group home for people recovering from addiction issues. Individuals in recovery may choose to live in a sober home after seeking treatment in a rehab program. A sober home can help someone in recovery transition from rehab to living independently in a sober environment. Typically there are rules each resident of a sober home must follow, including chores to help contribute.

What is it like living in a sober home?

While living in a sober home people are expected to be responsible for themselves. This includes paying their rent and doing the same things they would do for themselves if they were living independently. Residents of a sober living home also agree to being randomly drug tested. Residents are typically either working or going to school while living in a sober home. This is in addition to contributing to the house by completing chores. Everyone in the house must also refrain from fighting and violence toward other residents. Attendance at house meetings is usually required while living in a sober home. Sober homes will often have separate homes for men and women, providing an environment where residents can truly focus on their recovery. Why choose transitional housing? Transitional housing provides residents with a sober, supportive environment that helps prepare them to transition back into the community. Residents in transitional housing typically will continue their treatment in an IOP or OP program.

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