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Fentanyl Treatment

Fentanyl Addiction

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Program in Los Angeles

Fentanyl is a pharmaceutical drug that is typically used as an anesthetic. It can give users feelings of euphoria, relaxation, pain relief, and comfort. It is extremely addictive, as is heroin, and it is a cheaper alternative to some of the more expensive opioids. It is also highly addictive. At our fentanyl addiction treatment program in Los Angeles, we are committed to providing the best possible care for our clients. To learn more about our substance abuse treatment programs, contact Silicon Beach Treatment Center today.

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What Is Fentanyl Addiction?

Fentanyl was developed in the 1960s as a pain-relieving agent for cancer patients. It has since grown to become one of the most commonly prescribed painkiller medications in the world. Given the drug’s incredible potency, fifty to one hundred times stronger than morphine, it can be used topically, orally, nasally, or intravenously.

Fentanyl has become a popular street drug due to its comparatively cheap cost, its high potency, and its availability from both prescription and black-market sources. Most non-pharmaceutical fentanyl found in the US comes from Mexico, smuggled into the United States. The drug is often found and sold on the black market in patch form, its original use being as a patch for cancer patients. After that, users oftentimes scrape the gel off and ingest or inject it.

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The Symptoms

Symptoms of Fentanyl Addiction

Using fentanyl comes with a number of unpleasant side effects. These side effects vary depending on the frequency and duration of use. For instance, the side effects someone might experience simply by taking the drug include:

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We understand that it can be overwhelming to make the decision to get help for substance abuse. The caring team at Silicon Beach Treatment Center is standing by ready to help you begin your journey.

Silicon is a great program.

Silicon Beach Tx is full of bright staff in a world that feels very dark and isolating. I think if you’re struggling with substance use, it is the best place to go. If you are struggling with mental illness, lower your severity of symptoms at a residential before coming so they can help you as best as possible.

Megan J.

Thank God for Silicon Beach

My son was in silicon treatment center for more than year long and I was worried about him a lot in the beginning but later on they make me feel comfortable the way they treat their Patient they really care a lot from all aspects starting with his medicine and his behavior and diet, meeting and the activities and the weekends trips and most off all it’s a safe place to be!

Gabriel M.

I'm beyond grateful for SBTX.

This treatment center is one of the reasons why I am alive today and clean and sober. The care I got from staff while my stay there was so genuine and caring. I can’t put in words how grateful I am to have passed through Silicon Beach Treatment Center. They will always have a place in my heart and if you are looking for help this is by far one of the best places there is out there.


They make you feel at home.

I give you guys my word when I say they help a lot with recovery, they make you feel at home and welcome, They actually care about you and want you to do better for your life. It was a great experience and I told multiple people about it so they can get their lives back on track like I did! I recommend this place to anyone that need help with their addiction and mental illness cause it really helped me!

Sean R.
Withdrawal Symptoms

Fentanyl Withdrawal

The symptoms most severe and most commonly associated with fentanyl are the ones of withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms become an issue after a person has become physically dependent on the drug. In other words, after the body has become accustomed to the drug. Some of the most common withdrawal effects associated with stopping the use of fentanyl include:

A strong desire or urge to use fentanyl, even when it is causing harm.

The need to use increasing amounts of fentanyl to achieve the desired effect.

Unpleasant physical and psychological symptoms that occur when someone stops using fentanyl, including muscle aches, nausea, anxiety, and depression.

Difficulty stopping or cutting down on fentanyl use, even when the person wants to.

Continuing to use fentanyl even when it is causing problems in one’s life, such as relationships or financial problems.

Withdrawal from friends and family and spending more time alone or with others who use drugs.

Neglecting important responsibilities such as work, school, or family obligations due to fentanyl use.

Engaging in risky behavior while under the influence of fentanyl, such as driving under the influence or having unprotected sex.

Spending a significant amount of money on fentanyl, even when it is causing financial hardship.

Getting into legal trouble as a result of fentanyl use, such as driving under the influence or drug-related crimes.

If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of fentanyl addiction, it is important to seek professional help as soon as possible. Fentanyl addiction can be very dangerous and even deadly, and treatment is available to help individuals recover and regain control of their lives.

Prolonged use of fentanyl and fentanyl addiction can lead to coma and brain damage, especially when it is being mixed with other substances. Overdosing on fentanyl comes with severe consequences in the long run. Individuals who have overdosed on these drugs can experience hypoxia. Hypoxia is a condition that decreases the amount of oxygen to the brain in addition to slowing down or stopping breathing altogether. The latter has resulted in individuals going into a coma, permanent brain damage, and in the worst-case scenario, death.

Signs and Symptoms of Fentanyl Addiction

If you suspect a loved one is abusing fentanyl, the best thing you can do is show them you love them and not enable their addictive behavior. You typically can’t force a person into treatment, and if you can, it’s rarely successful. A person will not look to recovery until they are ready to make that choice for themselves. While those using fentanyl can be very manipulative and sneaky with their use, there are signs that you will see that might tell you if a person is abusing drugs.

A person who frequently hangs out with different groups, constantly changes friends, or seems to be ignoring longtime friends for a new crowd might all be signs that a person is developing an addiction. In addition to this, they will spend significant time alone and avoid friends and family for long periods. They will display little interest in previously enjoyed activities, undergo frequent and unexplainable mood changes, and very often, their personal hygiene will decline. A person struggling with fentanyl addiction will commonly experience financial troubles, miss important appointments, or unreliably attend work or school.

Other more obvious signs include getting into trouble with the law, frequently exhibiting flu-like symptoms, and stealing from family or friends. Some additional warning signs that your loved one may be abusing fentanyl include:

  • Sudden weight loss
  • Nervousness
  • Fatigue
  • Urinary retention
  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations
  • Poor coordination
  • Respiration depression
  • Low blood pressure
  • Coma
Addiction Recovery Your Way. Addiction Recovery Your Way. Addiction Recovery Your Way.
Addiction Recovery Your Way. Addiction Recovery Your Way. Addiction Recovery Your Way.

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It is very difficult for users, even the most motivated, to overcome at home, as withdrawal symptoms are often severe and uncomfortable. More often than not, the severity of the symptoms leads the user right back to the drug unless they have the proper support in place to help them through this challenging stage. The most common withdrawal effects include:

  • Chills
  • Insomnia
  • Agitation and irritability
  • Diarrhea and constipation
  • Full body aches and pains
  • Post-acute withdrawal syndrome

By going through a medically supervised detox period and quality treatment program, users have a much lower relapse rate. In addition, those who attempt to stop using the drug often do not have the proper support in place and frequently turn to other substances or return to fentanyl use.

If you are ready to seek treatment for fentanyl, Silicon Beach Treatment Center is here to help. Contact us today to learn about the treatment options available.

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