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Addiction Myths

Myths About Addiction

People often have the idea that everyone who is suffering from addiction falls into a certain stereotype, that they are “all the same.” Common misconceptions such as these have a direct impact on addicts and how people perceive them in day to day life. The way that addicts are portrayed on t.v. and in the movies is also very stereotypical and doesn’t help when trying to change this perspective. What many people don’t understand is that addicts are just everyday people that don’t necessarily fit a “mold” of what people think an addict would be. People suffering from addiction are sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers. When it comes to addiction it isn’t realistic to place everyone struggling with addiction into one certain idea of what many people think an addict should look like. Below is a list of common myths about drug addiction and the reasons why these myths are not accurate perceptions of individuals struggling with addiction.

  • Myth- Addiction is connected to a character flaw.

Truth- Addiction is a chronic, life-threatening and potentially fatal disease and it must be treated as such. Addiction is not a character flaw within an individual.

  • Myth- Addiction is a disease. There is nothing a person can do about it.

Truth- Many experts agree that addiction is a disease, but this doesn’t mean that those suffering from addiction are helpless victims. Through therapy, medication, and other treatment options the changes made to the brain associated with addiction can be treated.

  • Myth- An addict must hit rock bottom before getting better.

Truth- Due to what we often see in movies and on t.v. it is assumed that a person has to hit rock bottom before they can successfully find help. This idea couldn’t be farther from the truth. Recovery can begin at any stage of addiction. In fact, early detection of addiction or abuse can actually lead to making recovery easier because the individual is better equipped to work on their recovery.

  • Myth- Addicts are easy to identify.

Truth- People will often assume that an addict will fit into the “stereotype” of an addict, meaning that they are easily identifiable. The assumption that every addict is from a low socioeconomic background, unemployed, or involved in crime, is just another reason as to why stereotypes are so dangerous. Addiction can effect any person from any background. Men, women, young, old, wealthy, or poor, addiction doesn’t effect just one type of person. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction please contact Silicon Beach Outpatient Center today for help at 310.846.8215.

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