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Finding Strength in Early Recovery

Finding Strength in Early Recovery

Addiction is a multifaceted disease that can affect anyone regardless of race, gender, or age. Following inpatient addiction treatment, patients will move to outpatient treatment in a sober living environment. This transition can be seen as daunting and challenging by those in early recovery. Sober living provides patients with a structured and supportive environment, but this time of recovery doesn’t come without challenges. Below is a list of tips to help you find strength during those challenging times in early recovery.

    • Acknowledge each of your achievements. Big or small each of your achievements should be acknowledged. By recognizing each achievement can help build and maintain morale throughout your treatment.
    • Take it one day at a time. Recovery is a process, not a destination. Take time to learn techniques to help overcome any negative thoughts and feelings that may come up.
    • Avoid making comparisons. Each person’s path in recovery is unique. Even if your situation may appear similar to someone else’s, it is important to remember that everyone heals at their own pace.
    • Mistakes and failures happen. Know that there will be setbacks during your recovery. Everyone makes mistakes. Remember that each day is a new opportunity to learn and grow.
    • Begin each day with a positive outlook. You alone are able to make the choices about how you feel.
    • Be kind to yourself. Remember to be kind to yourself throughout this journey. In the past you may have been hard on yourself when you’ve made a mistake. Those feelings are perfectly normal. Remember that it’s okay if you don’t necessarily succeed the first time you attempt something. Learn from the experience and keep moving forward.
    • Never give up on yourself. Regardless of challenges or obstacles that you may face, it is important to never give up on yourself or give into the disease. When times are difficult, rely on your support tools, friends, and family to keep you going.

  Sober living provides clients with structured, continued care following inpatient addiction treatment. A sober living environment helps clients to transition back into their everyday lives while also learning the techniques needed to maintain long-term sobriety. At Life Circle transitional living, we operate as a comprehensive addicted sober living facility for individuals with co-occurring disorders. Through comfortable housing, individualized treatment, and a highly experienced support staff, we provide residents with the care and structure needed to help build their lives and become responsible members of society. To learn more about Life Circle Group please call us today at 877.846.5073.

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