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Beginning a Life in Addiction Recovery

Beginning a Life in Addiction Recovery

For those recently out of treatment, relationships can be challenging to navigate. It’s likely that the relationships of an individual in recovery suffered damage while still in active addiction. When working the steps to recovery, it is recommended that relationships be repaired. It should be mentioned that repairing relationships and continuing relationships are two very different things. A relationship that needs to be made right, does not necessarily need to continue if it will cause additional damage. The first and foremost focus in early recovery should be staying true to sobriety and any type of relation which hinders recovery should be dissolved.

Early Stages of Recovery

The early stages of recovery are a very sensitive and delicate time in a recovering addict’s life. Following treatment a recovering addict is abruptly placed back into the real world and day-to-day life. The added freedom following treatment can be difficult to navigate in the beginning stages of recovery. With added freedom comes added temptation to what is already a delicate situation. It is important that in early recovery anything that could be seen as a trigger be avoided. Individuals who will be spending time with someone in early recovery will need to be 100% on board with the process and have an understanding of all aspects of this disease and rehabilitation. From the outside, some relationships may look healthy but could actually have a codependent nature. This can be just as damaging to a recovering addict as someone who exposes them to triggers. One solution for a recovering addict who is seeking positive social interaction is to attend 12-step based meetings. These 12-step based meetings provide an environment that is encouraging and supportive of those in early recovery since everyone in attendance will likely have similar experiences themselves.

Benefits of a Sponsor

A sponsor is typically suggested for those in treatment programs. A sponsor is someone who is also working the 12-steps of recovery themselves, but act as a mentor figure. They are there to offer support in recovery, usually have a solid amount of time in recovery, and have had their own sponsor before. A sponsor is someone that a recovering addict can call when they are faced with challenges or triggers in their everyday lives. For some, a sponsor can act as a backbone to staying sober.

Family Relationships

Some of the closest relationships are those formed with family members. It is said that we hurt the ones we love the most. This saying applies to those living in active addiction. It isn’t uncommon for many family relationships to have been strained for years. These relationships will typically be mended following rehab and require a great deal of attention. Ideally family members should be supportive of the recovery process but that isn’t always the case. It is important for those in recovery to break ties with those who are not supportive of the recovery process. The relationship doesn’t have to be severed forever, but during the first few months it is important to stay focused and to be surrounded by supportive people.


Friends are a necessary element of living a successful life in recovery. The idea of removing themselves from relationships that aren’t positive during the beginning of recovery applies to friendships as well. In early recovery individuals shouldn’t be associating with people or spending time in the same places when they were living a life in active addiction. This is an extremely important part of relapse prevention.

Sober Living

Recovery in the early stages should be a constant mission of working on one’s self and painting sobriety. Building a strong support network with many different people during your first year in recovery will help to keep you busy. Sober living environments are also a part of developing positive habits and friendships while in the beginning stages of recovery. Sober living provides structure as well as a safe and positive environment to help ease those in early recovery back into everyday life. At Life Circle Group we provide transitional living which is comprehensive assisted sober living for individuals with co-occurring disorders. We provide comfortable housing, individualized treatment, and a highly experience support staff. To learn more about Life Circle Group, please call us today at 877.846.5073.

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