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Tips for Sober Living

Tips for Living a Sober Life

Getting help for addiction is the first step and an extremely crucial one at that. After leaving rehab people can be bombarded with the fact that the real challenge is to now live a sober life. The idea of sober living can be daunting for someone just out of rehab. Realize that you aren’t alone in this journey. There are other people who are facing the same challenges as you every day. Below is a list of tips that may help in your journey to live a sober life. Allow yourself time to transition from rehab into your new sober life. After leaving the safety and security of a treatment facility you may choose to move into a sober home. A sober home provides a transitional period where you are surrounded by therapists and peers, and are provided with a structured environment to continue recovery. Seek support when you need it. No one is too strong to encounter challenges or situations where they may need guidance and support while in recovery. Support groups or sober home peers are a great resource during those first few months of recovery. Turn to someone that you know you can trust for advice and guidance during challenging times. Make plans and establish goals for yourself to continue working toward once leaving treatment. Creating a list of goals and accomplishments will help to keep you focused on the long term instead of only focusing on what is happening right here and now. Continuing to revise this list is also important. As things change and you reach some goals you may need to update the list to accurately reflect recent changes in your life and motivate yourself to continue moving forward. Keep yourself busy with new hobbies or activities. Exercising is great for both your body and mind. You can start taking walks, join a fitness class, or a gym. You could also pick up a hobby like painting, learn a foreign language, or how to play an instrument. Filling your downtime with something that you enjoy and are passionate about is a great way to keep yourself busy while also exploring something new. Moving into a sober living or transitional living facility can help to provide the additional structure needed for long-term recovery following inpatient addiction treatment. Silicon Beach Treatment Center’s transitional living operates as a comprehensive sober living for individuals with co-occurring disorders. We provide clients with comfortable housing, individualized treatment, and a highly experienced support staff. For more information about Silicon Beach please call us today at 310.846.8215.

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