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Benefits of Sober Living in Recovery

Why choose sober living?

You’ve taken the first steps in recovery, which are often the most difficult, and detoxed in an addiction treatment program. Now you may be wondering, ‘What’s next?’ This is a daunting question that many in addiction recovery are faced with. Leaving the safety and security of inpatient treatment to return to everyday life can be difficult and overwhelming. In these early stages of recovery, surrounding yourself with positive influences and a sober environment can increase your long-term success in recovery and reduce chances of relapse. This is where sober living comes in.

Why is sober living important?

Relapse is not uncommon and is a very real danger for an addict. It is reported that 40-60% of drug addiction patients will relapse. Chances of relapse are at their highest within the first few months after seeking treatment. This means that relapse is very real and very deadly for anyone in recovery. The early stages of recovery are an extremely delicate time, and our experience shows that being in a ‘safe’ environment can make the transition easier. Some of the many benefits provided by sober living facilities include:

  • Supportive, positive, environment of peers
  • Reduced relapse rates
  • Higher accountability for actions and responsibilities
  • Help in avoiding negative influences
  • Easy access to treatment and therapists (IOP, OP)
  • Increased freedom with reduced temptation
  • A safe place to transition back to ‘normal life’ (work, school, and friends)

If you would like additional information on sober living facilities, our team can help. Call Silicon Beach Outpatient Center today at 310.846.8215. Our IOP works with sober living facilities as needed for clients. With the combination of IOP or OP treatment and sober living, you or your loved one will be given the opportunity to learn to integrate school, work, family, and friends into a stable, functional, effective life.

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