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How to be Supportive of a Loved One Starting Their Sober Life

Tips for Being Supportive of a Loved One Starting Their Sober Life

Returning to everyday life can be an overwhelming experience for some in recovery. Leaving the safety and structure of treatment and returning to their everyday life will come with its own set of challenges. There are a number of things that you can do for a loved one to show your support during this transition. By gaining an understanding of what is involved in creating and living a sober life, you can be better prepared to assist and offer support for your loved one. The first steps include taking the time to become educated and staying involved in the recovery of your loved one. You are taking the important steps needed to create a supportive environment that is essential in recovery and creating a sober life. Family programs are a very common part of a treatment facilities’ programs and are created to educate family members about addiction and the recovery process. Family programs help to explain how addiction works and the ways to best handle stress caused in your life by addiction. A family program will also focus on restoring the health of the family unit following addiction. You can provide additional support by encouraging your loved one to attend meetings, work through challenges, or just let them know that they aren’t alone. These are great steps that provide a solid foundation in early recovery. You can also take the time to understand their treatment and the steps involved in their recovery. A substance-free environment is extremely crucial for your loved one during early recovery. Family members can take an active part in maintaining a drug-free or alcohol-free environment to help encourage a sober lifestyle. By removing temptation from someone who is in the early stages of recovery, you are helping create a safe and supportive environment. Remember to find support for yourself. Of course there are support groups for your loved one in recovery, but there are also support groups for the loved ones of those in recovery. The groups and resources for family members are a wonderful source of support for yourself and can help to provide continued learning and understanding about the recovery process. Your efforts to understand and get involved in your loved one’s efforts to create a sober life can help to reduce their chances of relapse. Chances of relapse are highest during the first few months following treatment. Providing support and encouragement during this time can make all the difference to your loved one.

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