Benefits of Continuing Treatment in an IOP

The Benefits of Continuing Treatment in an IOP

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction often begins at an inpatient facility for detox. The amount of time spent at an inpatient facility will often vary depending on a number of factors. Following inpatient treatment some patients may choose to continue their recovery journey at an IOP or intensive outpatient program. An IOP offers those in recovery from addiction with additional treatment including one-on-one and group therapy. There are a number of benefits to continuing treatment at an IOP which we will discuss. An IOP provides a stepping stone to help ease the client back into everyday life following treatment while continuing to receive high levels of care. An IOP provides more flexible treatment allowing the client to continue working or attending school. Each client will have a certain number of hours they will need to attend various therapies and/or group meetings while in the program. While in an IOP program individuals can actively work on their life and the coping skills needed to meet daily obligations while still focusing on recovery. Strength in numbers is another benefit of IOP programs. Individuals receive the support of both treatment staff as well as peers who share similar struggles and victories in recovery. If the client chooses to live in a sober home while in an IOP they will have an additional level of support from their sober living environment. In early recovery, being in a supportive and sober environment is crucial for long-term recovery. Relapse prevention is a major benefit of intensive outpatient programs. Clients gain various tools and knowledge for relapse prevention. These tools can mean life or death for an individual in recovery. Relapse is most dangerous in the early months of drug and alcohol addiction recovery, which is what makes relapse prevention and the additional treatment gained in an IOP program so important. Silicon Beach Outpatient Center is an IOP in Los Angeles, California, providing services for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Our program provides clients seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction with a recovery program focused on healing the entire person. Clients receive therapy along with additional treatments including trauma support, relapse prevention, mindfulness meditation, yoga, transportation and more. For additional information about Silicon Beach Outpatient Center, please call us today at 310.846.8215.  

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