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Role of Transitional Living in Addiction Recovery

The Role of Transitional Living in Addiction Recovery

More and more individuals in addiction recovery are discovering that they require an additional transition period between completing inpatient addiction treatment and returning home. There are many benefits for an individual when it comes to transitional living post-addiction treatment. Sober living or transitional living refers to a period of continued recovery which takes place following inpatient treatment but before returning home and allows individuals to begin assuming responsibility in their own recovery. While staying in a transitional living facility residents are given rules and responsibilities which provide a safe and structured environment for continued recovery. Residents are also able to gain more freedom than they would have while in an inpatient program. This transitional period allows those in recovery time to practice their newly learned life skills such as relapse prevention, identifying high-risk situations, and anger management while still living in a safe environment. This additional time allows a recovering addict the chance to reintegrate into the community. While each transitional living facility will have its own unique set of rules, these rules are specifically designed to begin holding each individual accountable for their own recovery. Typically while in transitional living the rules will include mandatory meetings on a regular basis, a nightly curfew, assigned chores, attending work or school, random drug testing, and attendance at house meetings. Benefits of transitional living include:

  • Structure – Transitional living facilities provide structured living that is designed specifically for those in recovery.
  • Emotional support – Clients have access to emotional support whenever needed.
  • Education – Group therapy and counseling are a large part of transitional living.
  • Responsibility – Learning responsibility is an integral part of transitional living. Many recovering addicts have never been given the opportunity to be responsible for themselves. Transitional living is a safe environment for individuals to learn this extremely important skill.
  • Ongoing life skills – Transitional living provides ongoing support, assistance finding a job and advanced life skills.

  At Life Circle Group our transitional living operates as a comprehensive assisted sober living for individuals with co-occurring disorders. We provide clients with individualized treatment and a highly experienced support staff. We aim to provide each client with the care and structure needed to help them build their lives and become responsible members of society. To learn more about Life Circle Group and our transitional living facility, please contact us today at 877.846.5073.

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