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What is sober living?

About Sober Living

Sober living is an extremely important aspect of addiction recovery. Establishing a sober living lifestyle will help individuals in addiction recovery to create positive habits and an environment that is conducive for maintaining sobriety. When a client is in an inpatient treatment program they are in an extremely structured and safe environment during the beginning stages of sobriety. Once leaving this inpatient environment, it can be stressful or intimidating to enter an intensive outpatient or outpatient program where they are given more freedom in day to day life. A sober living environment is specifically designed to help with this transition period by providing a safe and sober environment while also helping to prepare individuals for life outside of treatment. This requires learned tools and skills which can help clients to prepare for challenges faced once returning to their everyday lives. Ideally, a sober and life coaching program will provide a multifaceted approach to recovery. The program should help establish a daily routine with residents which includes a healthy diet, exercise, relaxation and attendance to alternative recovery groups. The clinical team should also be available to work closely with clients, their family, and peers. Silicon Beach Treatment Center offers updated and comfortable sober living homes for those enrolled in our outpatient programs. If you’d like to learn more, you can call us at 833-LA-REHAB!

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