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Will My Health Insurance Plan Cover a Sober Living Home?

Sober living homes, also called recovery residences, are communal drug- and alcohol-free homes. Those who have completed an addiction rehabilitation program can live in these communal homes while they get acclimated to their newfound sobriety and begin getting back on their feet. 

When looking for a place to stay that supports sober living, insurance-related questions often come up. Most health insurance policies cover drug or alcohol treatments, but does this extend to sober living homes? In general, health insurance policies don’t cover sober living and, instead, residents pay rent when staying in a sober home setup. 

In this post, we’ll explain why most health insurance policies are unlikely to cover sober living in addition to some of the factors that affect the cost of sober living programs. 

Why Health Insurance May Not Cover Sober Living Homes

Even though mental health professionals run most recovery residences, these homes aren’t addiction treatment centers. Staying in a sober living home provides support measures bolstering newfound sobriety. It’s not the same as an inpatient stay in rehab for substance abuse treatment.   

Sober living homes provide recently recovered addicts with a stable and supportive place to stay, not addiction treatment, and health insurance policies don’t usually cover this residential cost. Recovery residence costs are covered through the rent residents have to pay. 

Sober living homes provide a stable and supportive place to stay, not addiction treatment, and health insurance policies don’t usually cover this residential cost.

Paying rent fits into an essential aspect of sober living environments, and that’s encouraging residents to try and find employment during their stay. Beyond being able to cover the cost of their stay, it facilitates a gradual reintegration of bills and other financial responsibilities after rehab.  

Remember that ongoing treatment and therapy sessions with psychologists, psychiatrists, and other healthcare specialists can still be covered by insurance once you’ve completed the addiction rehab process. Sustaining recovery requires regular appointments with mental health and other medical professionals, and these costs should continue to be covered. 

How Much Does Sober Living Cost?

The amount of money you can expect to pay for living in a recovery residence depends on many different aspects. Factors influencing the price of staying in a sober living home, include:

  • Location: Homes in sought-after or scenic neighborhoods might be more expensive than residences in outlying areas.  
  • Duration of your stay: How long you intend to live in a recovery residence could make a difference in the cost. 
  • Utilities: Some sober living homes operate from the premise that all utilities are included in the rent; others expect residents to cover utility bills.
  • Type of accommodation: Whether rooms are shared, or private will influence the cost of a sober living home – shared rooms are typically more affordable than private ones. 
  • On-site professional support: Sober living homes with resident healthcare professionals or counselors are more expensive.
  • Amenities: The amenities a recovery residence offers can influence the price of living there. Amenities include pools, gyms, access to public transport, transport provision to treatment centers for therapy sessions, etc.

Payment Options

Although health insurance policies typically don’t support sober living claims, it’s still worthwhile to confirm the extent of your coverage with your insurance provider as policy benefits vary. 

If you’re looking for a sober living residence but your insurance provider doesn’t lend any financial support, talk to the recovery residence management about payment options. 

Also, ask your treatment specialist about applying for sober living scholarships in your area.  

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We also have three Los Angeles sober living homes. Opting to stay in one of these upscale residences can help those who are newly sober establish the skills needed to sustain their recovery. 
For more information on our treatment tracks and sober living options, get in touch.

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