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Does Sober Living Actually Work?

A sober living setup can be greatly beneficial to people in the early stages of recovery. When someone is fresh out of rehab, the structure that a drug- and alcohol-free transitional home provides, helps solidify newly acquired sobriety skills.

There are sober living homes all over the country, offering a range of amenities and different types of residential rules and arrangements. At Silicon Beach Treatment Center, we offer clients the option of female, male, or co-ed sober living in Los Angeles.

To learn about what sober living is, how it’s different from a halfway house, and how it can benefit someone starting out on their recovery journey, continue reading below.

Are Sober Living Homes and Halfway Houses the Same Thing?

No, sober living homes and halfway houses are not the same thing. Although both residential environments offer communal, transitional living, there are actually some distinct differences between a halfway house and a sober living home.

What Do You Do at a Halfway House?

Halfway houses are typically state-owned communal residences where people can stay while figuring out their next steps after being released from prison, or completing addiction treatment. These facilities are often quite crowded and don’t always offer the tailored addiction support needed straight after rehab.

Unlike sober living homes, halfway houses aren’t specifically geared towards people in the post-rehab stage.

What Is A Sober Living Home?

A sober living home is a communal living environment providing people in recovery with structured, supported, and drug- and alcohol-free accommodation. Sober living homes are usually run by addiction treatment centers, offering higher-quality amenities and housing than halfway houses. Additionally, the cost of sober living homes is generally greater than halfway houses.

5 Benefits of Sober Living

The recovery support built into sober living home structures boosts relapse prevention while fostering greater independence than rehab.

  • Transitioning out of rehab, into post-addiction life, can be challenging. Sober living homes give people a supportive, in-between living option while rebuilding their lives.
  • Sober living homes are managed by addiction specialists and set up for residents to have access to recovery resources and continued treatment programs – helping further develop the crucial coping and life skills for sustaining newly acquired sobriety.
  • The recovery support built into sober living home structures boosts relapse prevention while fostering greater independence than rehab.
  • Opting for time in a sober living home provides a supported space for a person’s body to recover from addiction. People in active addiction often lack good personal hygiene, and physical health is neglected. While staying in a sober living home, people can take care of underlying health issues that were left unaddressed. Getting back into the swing of personal grooming might seem an insignificant step but is an important part of rebuilding life after addiction.
  • Many people find the communal nature of sober living helps fight off loneliness and becomes the basis for building new, sober, and meaningful friendships.

Looking for Rehab in LA? Or Detox in Southern California? We Can Help.

Silicon Beach Treatment Center is a substance abuse and mental health facility offering top-tier outpatient rehab. We also provide our clients with Los Angeles sober living options to bolster their recovery.

Need addiction support? Talk to our treatment specialists.

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