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Three Reasons to Spend the Holiday in Rehab

Happy Thanksgiving from Silicon Beach Treatment Center! New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner. If you’re struggling with addiction you might be looking ahead and thinking, “this year I get my life back”. The holidays are always a difficult time for somebody struggling with substance abuse disorder. Maybe you’ve become estranged from your family because of your disease. Why wait till the start of a new year to retake your life? There’s no better time to make a commitment to becoming the best version of you than the holiday season. Here are three reasons why spending the holiday in rehab is the best time to get into a program.

Life without Addiction Is The Best Gift You Could Give Your Family

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a very real phenomenon. One that you’re going to feel spending the holiday in rehab. There might be feelings of guilt that you’re depriving your family of a true holiday with you missing the festivities. With that being said, spending the holiday season in rehab might be the best thing you can do for both yourself and your family. You’ve probably caused your loved ones unbearable amounts of anger, worry, and suffering during your addiction. This year, give the ones you cherish the most the greatest gift you could possibly give – the life-changing gift of sobriety. Even if you can’t be with them one holiday season, the tradeoff is well worth it. It’s a small price to pay to have the rest of your life to be present, attentive, and sober for all the holidays to come.  

Avoid Triggers and Risky Circumstances

Thanksgiving Eve is considered the biggest bar night of the year. It’s even got its own name: Blackout Wednesday. During the months of November and December, people are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, but they’re less likely to seek help for addiction. It should come as no surprise that car crashes go up about twenty-five percent during the week of Thanksgiving, with alcohol being a major factor. Celebrating excessively with drugs and alcohol is just the reality that comes along with this time of year. In addition to this, holidays can often bring up painful memories from the past that we oftentimes try to numb with substance abuse. These triggers and situations can make for a difficult season.

Give Yourself a Break

Sure the holidays provide a break from professional responsibilities like work or school. However, they come with a whole new laundry list of personal responsibilities. Generally the season’s an enjoyable time spent with family and friends, but when you’re struggling with an addiction it can be exhaustingly difficult. You’ve got to keep up the facade that everything is hunkydory, all the while you’re worried about making a fool of yourself at the company Christmas party, someone bringing up last year’s family gathering when you drank yourself into a stupor, or missing Thanksgiving altogether because you’re so hungover from Blackout Wednesday. Perhaps it’s best you take this time to restore your health. When you remove yourself from your regular seasonal obligations you can focus on healing yourself. By doing this you’ll have more energy for your treatment.

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