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Partial Hospitalization Program

a man finds joy in life after a partial hospitalization program in los angelesDrugs and alcohol can take a heavy toll on your life. They can disrupt your eating and sleeping patterns, stealing your health from you. They can cause you to do things that you would never have expected, such as lying about your substance use or stealing to fund your dependence. As a result of these actions, you may fear that you have permanently damaged your relationships with your loved ones. In such cases, you may feel that you have gone so far, done so many things, that it is impossible to go back. Fortunately, with the help of one of our addiction treatment programs, it is possible to heal. It’s time to walk in courage and confidence as you move into sobriety. One of our most possible treatment options is our partial hospitalization program in Los Angeles.

Through partial hospitalization addiction treatment in Los Angeles, you can begin a new life in recovery. We craft our treatment programs to address the needs of our clients, giving you the tools to manage your addiction in a healthy way. To learn how our PHP in Los Angeles can help you to overcome your addiction, please get in touch with Silicon Beach Treatment Center today at 866.520.4881

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Traditionally speaking, a partial hospitalization program offers structured addiction treatment that runs several hours daily throughout the week. Through this treatment option, you can participate in treatment sessions during the day and return to your home at night. This treatment can be highly beneficial for those who have supportive family members at home and responsibilities that they must maintain during the week.

Determining whether you could benefit from a partial hospitalization program doesn’t have to be challenging. The first step that you should take is to talk to our addiction treatment admissions team. They will provide a formal assessment to determine what level of treatment is right for your needs. For instance, we may recommend a partial hospitalization program if you meet these criteria:

  • You are medically stable.
  • You’re not at risk of harming others or yourself.
  • You have difficulty functioning at school, work, or home.
  • You’re motivated to engage in our treatment program.
  • You’re experiencing co-occurring substance use disorders and mental health concerns.
  • You have sufficient support in your home life.

Our evaluation doesn’t just determine what level of care you need. It also allows us to choose what therapeutic options could be part of your treatment program.

What to Expect During Our Partial Hospitalization Program in Los Angeles

PHP level of care is our most intensive treatment track. The PHP program consists of 5 hours of clinical services five days per week. During treatment, clients participate in four daily group therapy sessions and individual therapy at least once per week. In addition, all clients meet with our medical director weekly to discuss medication management, should the use of medications help during the recovery process.

Clients are served lunch between groups and can participate in weekly recovery outings as well. PHP is the recommended level of care for all people starting their treatment. Early in recovery, it’s essential to have the most support possible in order to help build a strong foundation for recovery.

Learn More at Silicon Beach Treatment Center

At our partial hospitalization addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, we are dedicated to providing the best possible care for our clients. In addition to our partial hospitalization program, we also offer options such as:

  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Outpatient program
  • Case management
  • Family program
  • Crisis intervention program

You don’t have to struggle with your addiction any longer. When you reach out to Silicon Beach Treatment Center at 866.520.4881, you find a team who will help you effectively overcome addiction. Don’t wait. Call today.