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Identifying Addiction Early and Its Benefits

Identifying Addiction Early and Its Benefits

When it comes to substance abuse, identifying addiction early has a number of benefits. A person doesn’t have to “hit rock bottom” before seeking help for addiction. By identifying addiction early on and seeking treatment before matters get out of control, the individual often has increased chances at long-term recovery from substance abuse. Use and abuse of alcohol and drugs are serious issues that sometimes can be minimized or ignored. If these issues are left unchecked and untreated, use and abuse will likely develop into alcoholism or drug addiction. Early identification of addiction occurs before anyone has experienced a traumatic event and before the first signs of a problem are noticed. Traumatic events can include someone losing a job, health issues, or dropping out of school. If needed, a health care provider can provide screening to identify an addiction problem. By identifying addiction early, a person is likely better equipped to focus on their recovery when they are able to identify and confront the problem earlier. Early identification also can make addiction treatment less intense, create less anxiety, and be less disruptive to the individual’s life. Symptoms of alcohol abuse include:

  • Memory loss or temporary blackouts
  • Recurring disagreements or fights with friends and family members
  • Mood swings, depression, or irritability
  • Drinking alone, in the morning, or in secret

Signs of addiction include:

  • A loss of control
  • Neglecting responsibilities like work or school
  • Taking serious risks
  • A breakdown of relationships with friends and family

Identifying addiction early and seeking treatment is the first step to recovery. An intensive outpatient program or outpatient program may be the right fit for you or your loved one. The team at Silicon Beach Outpatient is here to provide treatment, support, and guidance for patients seeking help with alcohol and drug addiction. If you or a loved one are identifying the early signs of addiction, please call us now at 844.415.8198.  

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