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How Unresolved Trauma and Addiction Are Linked

A person who has engaged in substance abuse and battled addiction has inevitably experienced personal trauma and been in distressing environments that may result in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Most people who turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism have one or more mental health issues. In treatment, a mental health counselor can properly diagnose a person and determine if they have a dual diagnosis or a co-occurring mental health disorder. This step is essential for creating a sensible treatment plan.

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The Connection Between Unresolved Trauma and Addiction

Addiction often results in trauma. Statistically, women experience more trauma than men due to their addictions. Keeping that in mind, men experience addiction but may be less willing or eager to discuss their symptoms and experiences. This distinction is part of why Fresh Silicon Beach Tx offers gender-specific rehab. Creating separate spaces for men and women to talk about issues specific to them can greatly benefit a therapeutic setting.

There are several forms of trauma therapy, including trauma-focused therapy, trauma-informed therapy, and dual diagnosis therapy. All of these forms of treatment effectively help those who have experienced trauma due to their addictions. They help people learn to deal with the core issues that have resulted in their behaviors and problematic lifestyle choices.

Healthy and Unhealthy Management of Trauma

Unresolved trauma is a huge problem. Those who fail to address and manage their trauma have a higher likelihood of relapse. This potential is partly because they have not dealt with the issues that led to substance abuse in the first place. Another problem is that trauma can compound over time. Additionally, unresolved trauma can result in additional mental health and physical health issues.

When a person does not address the trauma in their life, their body does not forget the experiences of trauma. A person may find themselves continuing to relive traumatic experiences in real-time instead of experiencing processed trauma as painful memories in their past.

The Benefits of Trauma Therapy

Unresolved trauma causes emotional distress in daily life. Often, this distress remains unspoken, and a person chooses to suffer in silence. Those who have experienced trauma due to their addictions often say that they feel triggered by sensations, emotions, and environments regularly. These triggers can seem unpredictable. Without treatment, unresolved trauma can worsen and cause additional mental health issues, including increased anxiety and depression.

Clients in our trauma therapy program learn to:

  • Discover how unresolved trauma impacts a person’s day-to-day life
  • Overcome your personal struggles
  • Learn new and effective coping strategies
  • Find support from like-minded peers
  • Learning to focus on your future instead of dwelling on your past

In Silicon Beach’s trauma therapy program, clients work with a trained trauma counselor to create a treatment plan. We adjust our treatment plan to ensure the pace works for you and your situation. In trauma therapy sessions, you’ll learn to replace thoughts and emotions tied to traumatic events in your life with less triggering associations. This replacement will help take the edge off of negative feelings, harmful attachments, and the harm that trauma causes in your daily life.

Contact Silicon Beach Tx to Move Forward from Trauma

At Silicon Beach Tx, we want you to know that it’s a brave choice to address the unresolved trauma that has resulted from addiction. We know these experiences may stem from choices you made while under the influence you are not proud of and would rather not dig up. Holding on to trauma prevents you from living your best life. You are doing yourself a favor by taking steps to learn how to navigate your past trauma better.

Contact us today at [Direct] to speak with a recovery specialist about the benefits of our trauma therapy program. We look forward to helping you live a life free from the burdens of unresolved trauma.

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