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DBT for Substance Abuse

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) was previously best known as a treatment for borderline personality disorder. In recent years, experts found the techniques implemented for DBT are effective in treating numerous conditions well beyond the scope initially believed. DBT has proven to be a safe and effective treatment for those struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Often used in conjunction with other therapy options, DBT for substance abuse can help those with addictions break the cycle of abuse and help them post-treatment maintain sobriety.

To learn more about the benefits of DBT, reach out to the professionals at Silicon Beach Tx today at [Direct] to speak with a specialist who can tell you more about our dialectical behavior therapy program and services that can help ensure lasting recovery.

Using DBT for Substance Abuse

Dialectical behavior therapy can help individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction learn ways to improve their lives by changing their thoughts and behaviors. An effective DBT therapist can help you understand the areas in your life that you need to focus on and improve. Once these areas are in sight, various treatment options can help achieve acceptance and change.

In DBT for substance abuse, clients learn methods for:

  • Emotion regulation
  • Mindfulness
  • Improving interpersonal skills
  • Increasing tolerance to stressors
  • Learning to avoid self-sabotage
  • Improving decision-making ability
  • Finding and developing motivation
  • Structuring the day to day
  • Time management
  • Creating a healthy living environment
  • Developing healthy boundaries
  • Developing a balanced and healthy lifestyle

What Exactly Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

DBT focuses on the importance of acceptance and change. Clients who engage in DBT with a trained counselor are encouraged to learn thought control and behavior control techniques that prevent them from making unhealthy choices.

In DBT, the counselor and the client collaborate to ensure progress. Once a treatment plan is in place, the counselor and the client must work hard to make improvements, learn acceptance, and promote change. Clients are often encouraged to break down large goals into smaller and more achievable ones. This breakdown can be instrumental in the context of recovery from addiction. Learning to give yourself time to make progress can help avoid frustration if progress seems slow.

How Does DBT Help Treat Addictions?

In DBT sessions, counselors use techniques to help teach clients how to accept their situation, gain perspective on their behaviors, and learn therapeutic strategies that promote positive thinking and healthy behaviors.

It is vital for those who need to learn how to control negative thought patterns and problematic behavioral choices. Without regular therapy sessions, slipping back into old ways that can be harmful is easy. Maintaining regular counseling sessions and essential daily routines can help reinforce habits that promote overall well-being.

Acceptance is a significant turning point in the ability to move forward from addiction. Acceptance is a way of taking back power. This empowerment they learn through DBT can be the nudge a person needs to take steps towards lasting sobriety.

In DBT sessions, clients learn techniques to:

  • Control cravings
  • Manage unhealthy emotions
  • Develop relapse prevention skills
  • Stay on a healthy schedule
  • Improve sleep hygiene
  • Improve nutrition
  • Develop an exercise regimen
  • Set positive goals

Contact Silicon Beach Tx Today to Learn How DBT Can Help You

Clients learn effective methods for managing problematic thoughts and behaviors in DBT therapy for substance abuse disorders. By learning to control these behaviors, make better decisions, and engage in ways that are more appropriate and grounded in realistic perceptions, clients learn real-world strategies that will help them achieve lasting sobriety.

DBT has demonstrated success in helping those with substance abuse disorders complete drug addiction treatment programs. To learn how DBT could be integrated into your personalized treatment plan, reach out to the Silicon Beach Tx professionals at [Direct] to speak with a recovery specialist. We look forward to helping you learn new techniques to live a happy and healthier life.

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