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How to Hold an Addiction Intervention

Drugs, alcohol, and mood disorders affect people from all walks of life. Our increasingly stressful lives and lack of stress relief lead many to self-medicate and self-soothe for stress, trauma, and untreated mood disorders like depression. Spotting addiction and mood disorders may not always be easy. Confronting loved ones can be even harder. Crisis intervention for addiction can help loved ones support one another, build open communication and get the help they need.

Intervention can be daunting. If you need crisis intervention for addiction recovery, the team at Silicon Beach Treatment Center can help. Our Los Angeles clinic provides compassionate outpatient treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders. Reach out to our staff now at [Direct] to learn more about intervention for addicts in LA.

Understanding Crisis and Crisis Intervention

A crisis is a temporary psychological state. When someone is in crisis, they may be suffering from a mood disorder, addiction, and prolonged stress or trauma. Those in crisis may shut down, become violent, or have trouble participating in daily life. These are only some signs it’s time to seek psychological support. A therapist can help with crisis intervention to de-escalate stress and anxiety. Many things can trigger a crisis. Often prolonged anxiety and life experience can compound until they trigger crisis mode. Like anxiety, crisis relies on a fight, flight, or freeze mode. Those in crisis cannot help themselves very effectively. Therapists can help clients re-regulate their nervous system and get the psych evaluations and support they need.

If a crisis escalates and someone is a danger to themselves or others, don’t wait for a therapist. Instead, call 911 or a mental health hotline for immediate help.

Tips for Effective and Compassionate Addiction Intervention

Intervention is never easy. Many loved ones struggle to connect, confront, and help those living with addiction and co-occurring disorders. While it’s best to have a qualified addiction therapist present for intervention, you may want to begin by having open conversations with your loved ones. Some things family members should keep in mind when beginning an intervention may include:

  • Stay curious
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Don’t make accusations
  • Hold an intervention where people feel safe
  • Express concern for your loved ones’ mental, physical, and emotional safety
  • Allow your loved one to respond in time
  • Avoid judgment language and words that may trigger your loved one

By approaching intervention with non-judgemental curiosity and admitting your own faults in supporting your loved one, you can begin an open discussion. It’s important to express your concern for their overall well-being without making threats. This can be physically and mentally dangerous. Instead, practice active listening and show interest in your loved one’s experience. Ask how you can support them towards and through sobriety.

Learn More About Holistic Crisis Intervention and Family Programs in Los Angeles

If you need support for crisis intervention, don’t take rash actions. If your loved one is a danger to themselves or others, call 911. For families ready for crisis intervention for addiction recovery, Silicon Beach Treatment Center in Los Angeles is here to help. Our holistic treatment programs are designed to help those living with addiction and co-occurring disorders regain independence through community empowerment. With a range of outpatient recovery programs, Silicon Beach Treatment Center provides flexible care. Silicon Beach Treatment Center can help you and your loved ones get back on track.

Start Addiction Treatment at Silicon Beach Treatment Center Today

If you need to hold an intervention, call Silicon Beach Treatment Center to get the support you and your loved ones today. Reach our staff now at [Direct] to learn more about crisis intervention and enroll in our programs now.

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