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3 Signs of Alcohol Addiction in a Loved One

Alcohol addiction affects people across the United States every day. Because alcohol is legal and a large part of daily social life, alcohol addiction can go unnoticed and untreated. Unfortunately, many people living with alcohol addiction are self-soothing and self-medicating for co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. A comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment program can help those coping with signs of addiction and their loved ones recover together.

If you or someone in your life is exhibiting signs of alcohol addiction, now is the time to get help. Call Silicon Beach Treatment Center today if you’re ready to find holistic, compassionate alcohol addiction treatment programs in LA. Reach our staff now at [Direct] to learn more about treatment for alcohol addiction symptoms and co-occurring disorders.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol seems benign because it’s legal and easy to access. However, like other substances that affect brain chemistry, alcohol is highly addictive. Alcohol is a depressant that slows the brain and body’s processing speeds. By slowing the transmission of messages from the brain, through the nervous system, to the rest of the body, people exhibit signs of drunkenness. Slurred speech, impaired motor skills, shifts in perception, and changes in judgment are all side effects of alcohol. It also temporarily eases tension and makes people feel less anxious.

These effects, however, are temporary. After alcohol leaves the body, anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders can return and worsen. This may be one reason people continue to drink habitually. Habitual drinking often leads to alcohol addiction. Symptoms of alcohol addiction include:

  • The inability to stop drinking after one beverage
  • Changes in school or work performance
  • Changes in sleep patterns, eating patterns, or hygiene

Over time, habitual alcohol consumption will lead to the person experiencing withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop drinking. These symptoms can be dangerous and fatal without addiction treatment. Many people try to stop drinking on their own. Quitting cold turkey without medical and psychiatric care can lead to relapse and alcohol poisoning. During an overdose, a person becomes incapacitated and cannot help themself, which is the leading cause of alcohol-related deaths. In order to prevent this from happening, it may be necessary to enroll in an alcohol addiction treatment program.

Spotting Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction in Loved Ones

Regular drinking patterns are the most frequent symptom of alcohol abuse. Changes in mood, behavior, and communication may also be signs of alcohol addiction. Alcohol can cause reactionary behavior and cause people to be on edge, especially in between drinks. While drunkenness may indicate alcohol abuse, those with high functioning alcoholism do not appear drunk. If your loved ones seem secretive, suffer from mood swings, and are showing changes in their physical health, it’s time to talk about alcohol addiction treatment.

Begin Your Recovery at Silicon Beach Treatment Center Now

Alcohol addiction can affect anyone. If you or someone in your life is struggling with alcohol, you are not alone. The staff at Silicon Beach Treatment Center is here to help. With a range of programs, including crisis intervention, family programs, IOP, PHP, OP, and dual diagnosis, we believe a continuum of care leads to long-term healing. Our individual, group, and family therapy programs can help people navigate sobriety, improve communication, and build sober communities.

Our Los Angeles treatment center is here to help you and your loved ones recover from alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders through our flexible outpatient recovery programs.

Don’t wait. Get the help you and your loved ones need right here in LA. Call us now at [Direct] to learn more about our alcohol addiction treatment program.

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