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Tips For Finding a Job After Rehab

Tips For Finding a Job After Rehab

We all know that addiction can destroy a person’s life. Addiction ruins relationships and can cause health problems, legal problems, and no end of other complications. The longer a person is addicted and doesn’t get help, the more damage the addiction can do to their life. While there is no cure for addiction, it is a lifelong disease, you can begin the process of recovery by going to an addiction treatment facility for rehab. Rehab is the necessary first step to break the cycle of addiction before you can start rebuilding your life. The trouble is, even after rehab, many people still struggle with what to do to rebuild their life and get things back to normal. There are many stigmas associated with addiction and rehab, so it is essential to know where to turn to get help once treatment ends. 

At Silicon Beach Treatment, we provide a range of outpatient treatment options in Sothern California for clients that are looking to get control of their addiction and start rebuilding their life. We don’t just stop there; we offer aftercare services and support to continue the process of recovery and help all of our clients get their life back on track. It can be frustrating trying to rebuild after an addiction has destroyed your life, but remember, recovery is a journey, and you are not alone. We want everyone who has a loved one struggling with addiction to know that help is out there. Even if you can’t get your loved one to admit that they need help, we can still help by providing intervention services to help persuade your loved one to go into rehab. 

Silicon Beach Treatment is a Los Angeles outpatient drug treatment center that can help you today.

How Does Rehab Impact Work?

Rehab can impact work in a number of ways. First, if you happen to still have a job when you enter rehab, you may not have it when you exit the program. While some employers are required to hold your position when you take a medical leave of absence, not all of them are able to or will and depending on your behavior and relationship with your job while you were addicted, it can be difficult to stay employed through the treatment process. With outpatient programs like ours here at Silicon Beach Treatment, it is sometimes possible to keep working while receiving outpatient treatment, but that is not always a guarantee. 

Employers sometimes worry about having employees in addiction treatment because they may have trust issues or be unable to accommodate treatment. This can leave many people who go through rehab without a job afterward. Other complications from addiction, such as health issues or legal problems can make it difficult to keep a job that you may have had as well, which means that you may be starting from scratch once rehab ends, but this doesn’t mean you are without hope. 

Why Can It Be Difficult to Find Work After Rehab?

While we know that keeping a job when entering rehab is difficult for a variety of reasons, it can be even more difficult to find a new job once rehab ends. Much of the reason for this is that rehab is part of a social stigma that people have against addiction and addiction treatment. Trust is one of the biggest issues that people have in dealing with someone with an addiction after they come out of rehab. Because addiction often causes people to do dangerous or even illegal things, employers can be hesitant to hire a person after they have been in rehab. 

Another problem is that people in recovery often have many different issues to deal with, such as housing and potentially legal issues as well. These types of problems can preclude a person from getting hired and make the process of finding a job even more difficult. It may be necessary to solve some of these other problems before a person can land a job.

Tips for Finding a Job After Rehab Ends

It can be a struggle to find employment after rehab, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have help and support. 

It’s important to start by being upfront and honest about your struggles with addiction as well as the progress you have made. Resources are available to help people coming out of rehab find employment. Second-chance hiring agencies, case workers that can help you clean up your resume and resolve any issues you may have that can keep you from getting a job, and even education programs that can help you enter a new field. Talk with your rehab center about their services to help people recover. Many times they have connections to local programs and services to help people who have completed the program find things they need, such as a job. At Silicon Beach Treatment, we are here for you every step of the way. When you’re ready to start your journey, give us a call right away.

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