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5 Benefits of a Men’s Sober Living Home

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What is a sober living home (SLH)? An SLH can be an excellent option for clients struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD). However, some clients may need to reside in a specific type of SLH due to their needs and comforts. That’s why SLHs that are also men’s residences or women’s residences exist.

Most SLHs provide a step-down option for clients that have completed an inpatient addiction treatment program. Being part of a sober living community is also ideal for those participating in PHPs and IOPs. Some SLHs may even accept residents who want to get sober but aren’t ready to undergo rehab. Gender-specific SLHs are usually recommended for clients that may have issues being in the same space as people of a different gender while they’re working on addiction recovery. Looking for a men’s sober living home in Los Angeles, California? Contact Silicon Beach Tx today by calling [Direct] or reaching out to our team online.

What Is Gender-Specific Treatment?

Gender-specific addiction treatment refers to rehab programs designed to treat men and women separately. Sometimes, rehab facilities even specialize in and offer treatment programs for only one gender—and even employ staff members of the same gender.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), fundamental differences exist in how men and women experience SUDs. Differences like this could be due to biological or cultural aspects of addiction. These foundational gender differences exist in brain responses to addictive substance use, choice of addictive substances, development of chemical dependency, and even access to rehab.

A gender-specific treatment program considers these differences, which may result in clients feeling better served by the rehab staff. For some clients, though, gender-specific treatment is not only a comfort but a need. If a client is dealing with trauma from being sexually abused, for example, they would probably not fare as well in a rehab program in a mixed environment. If it’s difficult for a client to be around people of the opposite sex, then it would be close to impossible for them to reside with them.

What Are the Benefits of a Men’s Sober Living Home?

1. Distraction-Free Addiction Recovery Environment

When living in a men’s sober home, you should expect to deal with other residents. In a setting like this, you can:

  • Enjoy not feeling pressure from the opposite sex
  • Focus on healing yourself
  • Focus on personal growth
  • Let go of the need for unhealthy validation from the opposite sex

Sometimes you must let your guard down to eventually build yourself back up. For many male clients, this is much easier to handle without the presence of the opposite sex. Addiction recovery is dependent upon a client learning the tools necessary to succeed. These tools are more easily learned and practiced in a gender-specific environment.

2. Focus on Addiction Recovery

Along with a strong support system, a comprehensive treatment program, and your desire to overcome addiction, you must focus on recovery and not be distracted. A men’s residence can provide some clients with an ideal setting for addiction recovery. It can also prevent male clients from forming romantic relationships with other residents, which could cause:

  • A focus on physical needs rather than the emotional and mental needs
  • A violation of SLH rules
  • Distraction from addiction recovery
  • Drama, gossip, and tension among residents

Going through addiction recovery and starting a new romantic relationship simultaneously results in a client’s energy, focus, and time being split between the two. That can lengthen your recovery path or even erase it. Any chance for a new romantic relationship to flourish will disappear if that happens.

3. Focus on Gender-Specific Issues

Women are typically more in touch with their emotions and feelings. Talking and confiding in each other tends to be much easier for women. Men typically can’t express their feelings and emotions easily, making them very uncomfortable during psychotherapy sessions.

Because men usually are more comfortable sharing their thoughts with other men, a gender-specific residence could be more comfortable for them—especially if they need to talk about issues that only affect men. For example, a male client may feel a dip in self-confidence if they start to lose their hair. They may not want to talk to women about this because they wouldn’t understand, but they may be open to discussing their feelings with other men who may have gone through the same experience.

4. Open Communication

As mentioned earlier, people typically open up to other people who are more likely to have experiences that are similar to theirs. Men’s residences should all be ideal for open communication, then. Of course, there will be differences in experiences based on race, financial background, or even height and weight. Overall, though, men will understand men better than women can. They’re also much less likely to be judgemental or not empathetic.

5. Support and Love for All the Right Reasons

In addiction recovery—especially when transitioning from inpatient care in an SLH—the right kind of support is incredibly important. Forming bonds and trusting one another often provide a great stepping stone on the addiction recovery path. The ability to do this increases when you live with residents of the same sex.

It is easy for the lines to get blurred when developing relationships with other residents of the opposite sex. A men’s residence removes the relationship and sex factors and helps residents focus on those who are supporting and loving them for all the right reasons.

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