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Where to Go in California to Get Help with Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is a socially acceptable substance prevalent in a wide range of settings. It’s hard to attend a party or walk through a convenience store without seeing alcohol use condoned. Widespread alcohol consumption means that alcohol addiction treatment and recovery may come with unique challenges.

If you or a loved one are exhibiting signs of alcohol addiction, a substance use disorder treatment center can help you achieve long-term recovery.

For more information on alcohol addiction treatment in California, call [Direct] and speak with the behavioral health professionals at Silicon Beach Tx.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is no less serious than addiction to any other drug. However, its legal status and widespread use mean that attitudes about alcohol often differ from those surrounding other substances. It’s important to realize that while some people can drink alcohol without developing a dependence, many cannot.

Alcohol dependence can take many forms. Some of the most common signs of alcohol addiction include:

  • Inability to control alcohol consumption
  • Alcohol use interfering with responsibilities or social life
  • Wanting to drink less but being unable to
  • Developing a tolerance
  • Developing alcohol cravings
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms

When left untreated, alcohol addiction can worsen, creating issues with health, safety, relationships, and employment.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options

Individuals in California have different levels of care available when choosing to seek alcohol addiction treatment.

When alcohol addiction has progressed to severe physical dependence, it’s necessary to begin treatment with a medically supervised detox program. Detox from alcohol without medical support is dangerous and can result in severe dehydration, seizures, and even death.

Once detox is complete, the next step is a residential alcohol treatment program. This type of treatment provides constant supervision. Clients have the opportunity to build the habit of moving through a daily schedule without alcohol. Therapy sessions with counselors and peers help clients gain insights into the root causes behind their alcohol addictions and build coping skills to avoid relapses.

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) offers the same therapies as inpatient care, but clients are free to return home each evening. This program is a more flexible treatment option, but clients have less supervision and support in resisting relapse in the early days of recovery.

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) meets a few times a week, with each session lasting a few hours. A traditional IOP meets less frequently and with shorter sessions than a PHP.

The best form of treatment for a client is determined individually. After evaluating the client, this treatment option will come from the alcohol addiction treatment center staff.

Choosing the Right Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

In addition to the level of care, there are other important factors to consider when choosing an alcohol addiction treatment center.
It’s common for substance use disorder to be accompanied by co-occurring mental health disorders like anxiety disorders or depression.

Look for a treatment center that will evaluate this at intake and can provide adequate mental health treatment for other concerns.

Another important consideration is the programming used. Ask if a center uses evidence-based treatment, what experiential therapies it uses, and if medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is an option.

Get Help for Alcohol Addiction at Silicon Beach Tx

Silicon Beach Tx is a leading provider of alcohol addiction treatment in California. We offer all levels of care, and our treatment approach combines traditional and experiential therapies to best support healing and recovery.

Every client at Silicon Beach Tx receives an individualized treatment plan. Any co-occurring disorders are identified and addressed, and clients receive long-term support through our alumni program.

If you or a loved one could benefit from alcohol addiction treatment, Silicon Beach Tx can help. Contact us at [Direct] to learn more about our alcohol addiction treatment programs.

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