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What Is a High-Functioning Alcoholic?

If you drink on a regular basis, you may be doubtful that your drinking indicates an issue. However, if you are concerned that your drinking is being used as a coping method, there are some indicators to look for. Alcoholism is a disease that has significant physical, emotional, and social ramifications. You may find yourself struggling to establish connections or keep activities like working a job or going to school. If you believe that your drinking is having a detrimental influence on your friendships, security, or neighborhood, it might be time to seek help from an alcoholic treatment program. With Silicon Beach Treatment Center, you have a caring program that can help you process the stressors of your life in more productive ways.

What Is a High-Functioning Alcoholic?

You may still be unfamiliar with the phrase high-functioning alcoholic after learning what it implies. What is a high-functioning alcoholic, exactly? A functioning alcoholic is someone who can accomplish daily tasks while still drinking. If you’re a high-functioning alcoholic, you may be able to study or work, maintain cleanliness, look after children, or even participate in social activities such as church. However, though many may be proud of their high-functioning status, this is a serious detriment to developmental growth and can lead to problems when encountering life situations in which coping skills are tied to alcohol consumption. If you’ve been drinking in order to deal with your problems, you’ll be devastated when a position or family member is lost. When this happens, an alcoholic who functions well will fall into the common understanding of alcoholism.

Signs of High-Functioning Alcoholism

Some alcoholics may be able to accomplish things in their daily lives, but this is not something to brag about. If drinking has become your crutch for coping, there’s a reason for it. It implies that a significant aspect of your life is being neglected. You will no longer require unhealthy ways to cope if you get the right treatment. There are several definitions of a high-functioning alcoholic, but some indicators are more apparent than others. The symptoms of high-functioning alcoholism can include the following:

  • Drinking may be a reward for completed tasks
  • Drinking as a coping mechanism
  • Denial of a problem with drinking
  • Avoidance of critical feedback from loved ones
  • A reputation for being able to handle your liquor
  • Blackout or binge drinking behaviors
  • High tolerance for alcohol
  • Hiding alcohol in the home

If you or a loved one exhibits any of the following symptoms, you or they may be a high-functioning alcoholic. If your ties and finances are being damaged by this way of life, the expert team at Silicon Beach Treatment Center may be able to assist you with rehabilitation and more healthful coping strategies.

Over time, alcohol addiction will take a toll on your life.  You may find that you’re unable to drink in the same way as you used to. The body will require more alcohol to achieve the desired effects, and eventually, it may inhibit your ability to function on a day-to-day basis.

Treat Alcohol Addiction Today at Silicon Beach Treatment Center

If you or a loved one is addicted to alcohol, you are not in control of your drinking. Over time, dependence grows and, if left unchecked, it will drastically impede your lifestyle. This is why it’s so critical to get the assistance you need. We provide a comprehensive range of personalized care services as a guest of our convenient Los Angeles outpatient treatment center. Our innovative California location boasts a non-hospital setting. Our state-of-the-art approaches offer a peaceful space that encourages recovery. Call us today at [Direct] to learn more about healing your life.

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