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Tips for Choosing a Sober Living Facility

What to Look for When Choosing a Sober Living Facility

After taking the steps to detox off substances or attend treatment, the next step is to continue recovery in a sober living environment. A sober living facility, also known as a halfway house or sober home, provides individuals with continued support in recovery following treatment at an inpatient facility. Choosing the ideal sober living setting is an important part of the recovery process. Sober living provides a recovering addict with a stable, structured, and safe place to live while transitioning into their new life.


Safety is one of the most important aspects to look for when choosing a sober living home. High crime areas should be avoided when looking for a sober living home. You can do research about the safety in a neighborhood through online resources where you can access information about police activity in the area.

Sober Living:

A sober environment is another top priority to consider when choosing a sober home. While all sober homes have their differences, most will focus on 12-step based ideas of recovery. In early recovery it’s encouraged to find sober support, specifically with a sponsor. Continuing to attend meetings while working on the “steps” is also part of the 12-step program. Creating sober connections with others in recovery can make a difference in avoiding relapse in the beginning stages of recovery.

Reputation and Accountability:

Early recovery is a very exciting time in the life of a recovering addicts life. New peers, daily schedules, and simply living life comfortably without drugs or alcohol are all exciting life changes. With so many new things happening in the life of a recovering addict it can also become overwhelming. A sober living facility provides a recovering addict with rules and regulations to help ensure that the individual is staying focused on their recovery practice. Many halfway houses have rules such as curfews, mandatory house meetings, urine testing, and some will also require the attendance of IOP sessions or 12-step recovery meetings. When choosing a sober living environment, one with strict rules will provide more structure and ultimately will offer more benefits in the long run. Being held accountable to the program by a group of peers and house managers will make the journey through early recovery much more successful. While searching for a sober living home, consult with people that you trust, such as your therapist, case manager, and other people you have met in recovery for their recommendations. They may know the reputations of different sober living homes and could offer input to help make this incredibly important life decision. If you would like more information about Life Circle Group and our sober living Los Angeles, please contact us today at 877.846.5073.

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