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The Best Rehabs in Los Angeles California

Are you looking to enter treatment in Los Angeles, but you don’t know where to look? There’s no need to panic because below, you’re going to find a list of the rehabs in Los Angeles California, and why they’re some of the top rehabs in the area.

By the time you’ve finished reading this, you’re going to have a better idea of which treatment facility in Los Angeles is going to work the best for you. Get ready.

You’re not going to want to miss any of the things that these treatment centers have to offer to those taking a step towards a healthier life.

What To Look For In A Rehab?

Before you select a treatment center to attend, you need to think about what you should look for in a treatment center. The first thing you need to consider is the type of program you’ll enter.

An inpatient center allows you to focus on nothing but your treatment around the clock. This type of treatment will be on the expensive side, because you’ll be living in the facility where they’ll provide you a place to stay and the food you eat.

Outpatient therapy allows you to remain in your home environment and continue working. You do have to attend several therapy sessions throughout the week as a part of your treatment plan.

After choosing the program you want to enter, you need to ensure the facility can treat your addiction. Some facilities specialize in specific types of addiction, such as opioid or alcohol addiction.

If you struggle with methamphetamines and schizophrenia, you’d need to choose a facility that could accommodate you. Treatment can become expensive.

Therefore, you need to take time to think about how you’re going to pay for it.

Most insurance plans have a section that details what type of treatment is covered by your plan. If you’re still not sure, you can contact your insurance company directly and ask them what the plan covers, then make sure the facility accepts your insurance.

Now that you know what to look for in a treatment center, here are some facilities that might suit your recovery needs.

Silicon Beach Treatment Center

The staff who work at this facility are a step above all the rest because of their combined experience and backgrounds in treating addiction and mental health issues like post-traumatic stress disorder. The team at Silicon Beach knows what it takes to help those in recovery educate themselves about their addiction and take the right steps to sobriety.

The programs that are offered at this facility have been carefully designed. They want those that are in each program to get the right education and tools that they need to thrive once they’ve left treatment.

Not only have they taken these measures when it comes to treatment, but they’ve also gone a step beyond and taken the liberty of creating a sober living program as well. Silicon Beach understands that what happens after treatment is just as important as the work you’ve done in treatment.

Silicon Beach’s mission is to help you get back the life you once lost to addiction and live better. They also offer various resources to residents in recovery.

Inspire Malibu

This treatment facility has steered itself away from traditional treatment methods as far as following the 12-steps. They don’t focus on the 12-step program because they believe it’s better suited for people who are thinking about the care they receive after treatment.

The therapies they provide to those that seek treatment at their facility include:

  • Motivational enhancement therapy
  • CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Medication-assisted therapy

These are the therapies that your treatment will be based around, but you can also participate in relapse or group therapy if necessary. This is a private facility that is worked by physicians and doctors that have gotten their education in addiction treatment.

They’ve got staff on-site 24/7 that you can call to provide you with information about the cost of treatment and the types of insurance that they will accept to cover your treatment.

Paradigm Teen Treatment

If the person who needs treatment is your teenage child, you might wonder where you can get them the treatment they need. Look no further than Paradigm Teen Treatment Center.

This facility focuses on providing treatment for teens and young adolescents ranging in age from 12-26. They provide various types of treatment, from anxiety disorders to substance abuse issues that your child might have.

They do employ the traditional means of therapies, while also embracing new ones. Another therapy that you might want to participate in is the family therapy sessions. The individual family sessions will be as intense as the individual sessions, but they also offer group family sessions.

If your insurance won’t cover the full cost of your child’s treatment, the facility offers a series of financing options that you can choose to use. Another benefit to this center is that your child won’t fall behind in school because they also offer an academic program as a part of your child’s regular treatment plan.

Crosspointe Recovery

Crosspointe is committed to providing those in recovery with the support they need from the beginning of detox to the end of treatment. They have several counselors trained to implement different strategies to help in terms of substance abuse therapy.

There is a combined experience of more than 20 years in the substance abuse field between all staff members. Their programs work because they help residents get to the bottom of what is triggering them to use and teach people the proper tools they need to ensure long-term recovery.

If you’re concerned about paying for treatment, they offer a section where you can verify your insurance before attending treatment. They accept more than seven different types of insurance.

Ventura Recovery Center

With the pandemic still wreaking havoc in some places, this recovery center has given people the option of online addiction treatment. In addition to the other types of treatment they offer.

You can choose from both inpatient and outpatient treatment.

The one you choose depends on what will work the best for your lifestyle while emphasizing your sobriety. If you’re not sure what to pack for rehab, there’s no need to worry.

This is because they’ve included a section on the site that gives you the information you need when preparing for treatment.

They detail the clothing items that you need to pack. Being that the facility is co-ed and the steps you need to take when ensuring that money you bring to the facility is secure.

Wish Recovery

If you’ve wished for a better life, you’re going to want to take your first step towards sobriety with Wish Recovery Center. When it comes to treatment, this center focuses on taking more of a holistic approach to therapy versus other traditional measures.

Although you’ll be in treatment, they don’t want you to miss out on the finer things in life. For that reason, they provide those in treatment with luxury amenities to enjoy while living in the facility.

Capo By The Sea

Are you someone that finds yourself busy with your career, but there are no programs out there to accommodate this? Capo By The Sea has a package specifically for those that need to address their addiction while also maneuvering through the business world.

In this specific package, the staff at the facility will educate you on how your job causes you to be exposed to high-stress situations. And how this stress can cause you to develop an addiction issue as a means of reducing the stress that you feel from work.

They also offer luxury treatment, where the plan for your stay is completely personalized and private. The reason they focus on privacy is, again, that they deal with several high-profile clients.

And these clients are concerned about the privacy they will have when seeking treatment.

Best Rehabs in Los Angeles California

When looking for the best rehabs in Los Angeles California, you’ve got several options that you can choose from. If you’re looking for a place for your teenager, we recommend taking them to Paradigm Teen Treatment Center.

But, if you’re an adult seeking treatment, the best option for your sobriety journey is Silicon Beach Treatment Center. Contact us today, and let’s help you figure out what the next steps are to get you into treatment.

We’re here to help you learn more about your addiction and begin the process of healing one step at a time.