How to Have Fun While Staying Sober On Holidays

Flag and sparkler during holiday celebration

How to Have Fun While Staying Sober On Holidays

Alcohol and holidays often go hand-in-hand in our minds. But what if you’re in recovery? Here’s how to have fun while sober during holiday celebrations.

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7 Relapse Prevention Strategies That Actually Work

Completing addiction treatment is just the first step of recovery, so here are some of the best relapse prevention strategies for maintaining your sobriety.

Outpatient Rehab

What is Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab allows patients the opportunity to stay in their environment, while providing a structured therapy regime consisting of peer engagement.

Outpatient treatment

What is After Rehab?

Now that you’ve completed an inpatient rehab facility what happens next? As many as 60% of people relapse after treatment making outpatient so important.

Sober Living

Sober Living

Silicon Beach Treatment Center offers excellent sober living options for those enrolled in our outpatient programs. To learn more call us at 833-LA-REHAB!

Cravings: How to Manage

How to Handle Cravings

Cravings are an unavoidable part of entering into sobriety. Here are three easy to use ideas to help cope with cravings along with 20 ways to overcome them.

Old Habits: New Habits

Overcoming Old Habits

Our lives run on the habits we create. Just about everything we do in life is based off a habit we’ve developed at some point in time. Some habits help us in life, while others hold us back. Some bad habits, like an addiction, can negatively impact your ability to live your best life.

Triggers and Cravings

Triggers and Cravings Triggers and cravings can be one of the most difficult aspects of recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse. A trigger is anything that brings back painful thoughts, feelings, or memories having to do with your addiction. This could be your drug of choice, a location you frequented or even a person you… View more

Understanding Drug Relapse in Addiction

Drug Relapse in Addiction Relapse, in the context of drug use, involves the recurrence of pathological drug use after a period of abstinence. There are various types of substances that may cause addiction or dependence, such as depressants, stimulants, or nicotine. Relapse is now often viewed as the rule rather than the exception in addiction… View more

Tips for Maintaining Positivity in Addiction Recovery

Maintaining Positivity in Addiction Recovery While there is really no way to avoid negativity completely in life, you can make the commitment to focus on positivity instead. In addiction recovery, there will be extremely difficult days where you will struggle and won’t want to leave the comforts of your bed, these are the times where… View more