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Starting Over – Life After Addiction Recovery

Life After Addiction Recovery

Many people do not realize that recovery is a long and continuous journey that does not end after “getting sober.” While getting sober is the most important step in the recovery process, in actuality it’s just the beginning. It is important to make smart, deliberate decisions in order to stay sober and resist relapse. Below are some suggested strategies recovering addicts can use in beginning a new life free from addiction.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

As kids our parents always tried to make sure we “hung with the right crowd” and avoided negative influences. As we get older and make our own decisions, it isn’t as easy to steer clear of these people. In recovery it is extremely important to choose friends who fully support your sobriety and are committed to your journey. A good friend is someone who cares about and understands the importance of your recovery. Seek friends who will help motivate you through your roughest days, and who would never attempt to sabotage or derail your hard-earned progress. The people who were a part of your life before recovery may not necessarily fit into your sober life. You have made the decision to make positive changes in your life, and a true friend will be understanding and supportive of that. If a person does not want you to succeed in your journey and be the best self that you can be, this person is not worthy of your time.

Be Brave Enough to Accept Past Mistakes

Once sobriety is achieved, we are often faced with the sobering reality of the damage our addiction has caused. Whether it be severed relationships with family and friends, legal troubles, or other wrongdoings, it can be difficult to forgive past indiscretions and move forward. It is important to accept that what has happened has happened, and you cannot change the past. But you can reshape the present. Have the courage to accept your mistakes and take the steps necessary to repair what you can. Family and friends may need their own time to move on from the past, but by acknowledging the mistakes you have made you open the door for the relationship to be mended. Have patience with them, as they have had great patience with you throughout your addiction.

Focus on Your Future

Now that you are sober, it is important to take the steps towards building a stable, fulfilling life. This includes discovering your interests and beginning to build a career. Finding a job when you have a history with addiction can seem like an impossible feat, but there are many organizations dedicated to getting recovering addicts the training, skills, and confidence they need to begin an independent life. You are no longer limited by your addiction. Allow yourself to explore what truly interests you and find a field that makes you happy. Enjoy this newfound opportunity! Explore as many options as you can. This is the time to focus on you and your future, and you should enjoy the freedom in trying these new and exciting challenges. Recovery in the early stages should be a constant mission of working on one’s self and sobriety. Sober living environments can be helpful in forming positive habits and friendships while in the beginning stages of recovery. Sober living provides structure as well as a safe and positive environment to help ease those in early recovery back into everyday life. At Life Circle Group we provide transitional living which is comprehensive assisted sober living for individuals with co-occurring disorders. We provide comfortable housing, individualized treatment, and a highly experienced support staff. To learn more about Life Circle Group, please call us today at 877.846.5073.

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