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Preparing for Partial Hospitalization Programs

What’s involved in preparing for entry into a partial hospitalization program (PHP) for addiction treatment? While PHP preparation may not be not by the top priority of every client, it certainly will help them settle into a new schedule that includes activities related to addiction treatment. A program like this can provide a transition from 24-hour hospitalization back into their standard daily routine.

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What Is a PHP?

Outpatient addiction treatment can come in a few forms, including a PHP, a standard outpatient program, and an intensive outpatient program (IOP). A PHP typically provides the most intense treatment regimen in a center’s outpatient lineup.

Preparing for a PHP includes ensuring each client has a safe and secure home environment. Otherwise, the recovery staff may recommend an inpatient program or an application to a sober living house. A toxic home environment can undo the hard work clients learn during their time in a PHP.

A partial hospitalization program requires more weekly sessions than an IOP. A PHP typically involves an average of five sessions a week, ranging from four to eight hours long. The time and energy commitments are comparable to that needed by an inpatient program. However, a PHP doesn’t require residence at an addiction treatment facility.

When Should You Consider a PHP?

Now that you know what a PHP is, it may be easier to consider entering one. However, you still need to understand what to expect when you start a PHP. Overall, the chances of successful addiction recovery improve the more a treatment program fits a client’s needs.

A PHP is the ideal next step for people who have just completed an inpatient treatment program. Clients like this may not feel confident enough to return to their daily lives or may recognize a need for stability and structure in themselves. A PHP can help patients better adjust to the transition back to their usual routine.

How Can Patients Prepare for a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Before preparing for a partial hospitalization program, it’s crucial to understand if it’s the ideal form of addiction treatment for your situation. A PHP is appropriate for patients who:

  • Are dealing with acute psychiatric symptoms
  • Are having significant difficulty maintaining day-to-day responsibilities
  • Are likely to need inpatient hospitalization without intensive treatment
  • Are not an imminent danger to themselves or others
  • Are willing to participate in group therapy
  • Have access to support networks to help them after program hours
  • Have stable housing and reliable transportation

If you’re transitioning from inpatient care to a PHP, it can help to look into admittance into an IOP or residence at a sober living home first. A PHP isn’t the best addiction treatment program for everyone. Like its counterparts, it is most appropriate for those who understand the level of care they will receive.

The length of a PHP depends entirely on a client’s needs—it could last anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months. Make sure to leave room in your schedule for the PHP sessions during the length of the program. It can help to inform your school or employer about your PHP, and your household members must be in the loop. Your friends and family can help to hold you accountable and encourage you to attend your PHP sessions.

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