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Our president and founder Joseph Grossman has been involved in the treatment of mental health and substance abuse for over ten years. Having been personally involved in the Greater Los Angeles’ Recovery Community, Joseph has an unwavering passion to help others facing personal challenges, as well as assisting their families. Joseph has worked directly with Human Care Services, The Women’s League, Jewish Community Center of Teaneck New Jersey and Young Adults of Los Angeles. More specifically, he has worked directly with young people suffering from Bipolar Disorders, Depression, Substance Abuse, as well as Autism. Through his experience, Joseph has built a network with Los Angeles’ most notable clinicians and diagnosticians, and maintains these relationships at the behest of future and current clients. In addition to providing individualized care, Joseph is the point of reference for his clients facing hardships. If the solution to a problem isn’t evident, Joseph has been known to work tirelessly to locate the resources necessary to help individuals with the most unique circumstances. Educated at Touro College in New York, Joseph has dealt with young people on both coasts and throughout the country as a whole. He truly stands apart from his contemporaries due to his compassion, resilience, and dedication to those he assists.

Adam Snyder, Silicon Beach Treatment Center’s Chief Marketing Officer, is an experienced addiction treatment and recovery professional. Adam has practiced in family intervention work, has developed innovative approaches to substance abuse treatment, has actively engaged in sober living management and has experience in treatment center management. Adam joined the United States Marine Corps in 2010 and learned the true meaning of teamwork, motivation and dedication while training both in the United States and abroad. In addition, he spent 4 years working toward the achievement of his black belt in Taekwondo and was a 2-time Olympic competitor. Perseverance is something that Adam understands well and works tirelessly to transmit to the Silicon Beach Treatment Center clients who he has the fortune to work with on a daily basis. Adam has committed his life’s work to helping Silicon Beach Treatment Center clients find the freedom of sobriety.


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