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At our addiction treatment center, we are proud to have cultivated an expert addiction treatment staff that is committed to providing the best possible level of care to our clients. To learn about our addiction treatment team in Los Angeles, contact us today at 866.520.4881 


Joseph Grossman

Founder and CEO

Michelle Grossman


Administrative Staff

Samuel Epstein

Chief Operating Officer

Mark W Lamplugh Jr

Chief Marketing Officer

Alessandra Chaves

Chief Administrative Officer

Stephen Carr

Community Outreach Manager

Ali Danesh

Human Resources Assistant


Alisha Casey

Program Director

Jeff Diendl

Support Staff

Jennifer Contreras

Support Staff

Medical Team

Dr. Ryan Peterson

Addiction Treatment Medicine

Emily SamueL

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Eric Chaghouri



Alexia Rigos

Clinical Director

Erika Williams

Case Manager

Laura Rohde

Primary Therapist

Ben gage

Primary Therapist

Tessa Candiotti

Primary Therapist

Kathryn Brown

Case Manager