Silicon Beach Sober Living

Men’s Rehab & Recovery Residence

Silicon Beach Treatment Center’s men’s rehab and recovery residence provides an upscale and modern sober living home for men in our program. We have space for twelve residents in our recently remodeled house.

Comfortable common areas provide space to watch TV or hang out. Choose to relax in a recliner while the game is on or sit by the fire after a long day. You can also prepare a meal on the grill outside and sit on the patio. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable, and relaxing home for men in recovery.

Recovery is serious business, but part of the journey is learning to have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol. We emphasize this aspect of living for our client’s and provide recreational amenities to encourage them to enjoy their free time after group and therapy.

Connection is Key to Addiction Recovery

We pride ourselves on connecting our men’s rehab and recovery residences with the community that surrounds them. One of the biggest benefits of our LA sober living homes is their proximity to 12-step groups and community resources.  Los Angeles has a thriving recovery community, coupled with our quality drug treatment in LA, provides for a lasting recovery from addiction.

Drug Treatment in LA – A Recovery Community

recovery in la

12-step meetings on the beach are a great way to recover in LA.

Silicon Beach is More than just LA Addiction Treatment.

We urge client’s to find their passions, participate in recreational activities, attend 12-step groups. In early recovery, relationships are essential to the process of growth. Often clients have struggled to maintain healthy relationships in active addiction or alcoholism and this carries into early recovery.
Through quality addiction therapy and groups dedicated to coping skills and relationship building, our clients begin their journey into the “real world” by forging meaningful relationships with their support network.

When clients connect to their peers they strengthen their recovery and develop friendship’s that last a lifetime. Connection is the metaphorical antidote to the disease of addiction. Through love and connection to others, we do recover.

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