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How to Stay Sober Living in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the land of luxury and glamourous living. With a population of more than 373,529, it can be challenging for someone in recovery to stay sober without the right resources.

If you’ve recently completed treatment in Los Angeles or have a loved one that’s completed treatment, it’s essential to know ways to continue to be sober living in Los Angeles. Below we’ve provided some tips that will help you stay strong and continue your journey with sobriety.

Know Your Temptations

One of the things that you did while in treatment was identified things that served as triggers or temptations for you in your addiction. After leaving treatment, you need to continue to remind yourself of these temptations and do your best to stay away from them.

For example, if one temptation for you is carrying cash around, it’s recommended that you have someone watch your money for you. Or have it placed in the bank. Another example of a temptation is going into a liquor store and seeing all the alcohol you can buy.

If that tempts you, the best thing to do is avoid liquor stores or areas in grocery stores where liquor is present.

Find Your People

Your support network is going to prove useful, especially after treatment. They will be the people you turn to for help and a shoulder to lean on when you’re feeling vulnerable and like you want to give up.

Ensure that you surround yourself with people that support your goal of staying sober and help motivate you to do so. If you’re around people that make fun of your plan to stay sober or constantly throw negativity your way, it’s best that they not be a part of your internal network.

If possible, it would prove beneficial to have one of your counselors involved in your support network. This is if you find yourself needing a therapy session here or there.

Get Active

Just 30 minutes of exercise a day can be enough to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress that come with everyday life. This is why you need to get active and remain active when focusing on sober living in LA.

The reason that exercise is recommended is that it helps you to significantly reduce the stress that may otherwise serve as a reason that you might consider relapsing. Not only will it help you to manage stress better, but exercise also gives you a reason to get in shape and helps establish a healthy routine.

Consider Sober Living

There are several sober living homes in California that you could live in if you feel that you’ll struggle with your sobriety. The main purpose of sober living homes in Los Angeles is to help those that have completed their treatment begin the process of acclimating to life again.

You should know about sober living if you won’t have 100% freedom to do what you want from the beginning. There are rules in place to continue to provide you with the structure you had when you were in treatment.

The number one rule of most sober living facilities is that residents cannot use drugs and alcohol. If you’re caught doing so, the consequence is being removed from the sober living home.

You’ll find that you still have to attend house meetings and are required to complete daily chores. This helps you learn to be responsible for yourself and prepare you to get back out there and live independently.

It also ensures that you have the tools necessary to live in Los Angeles and stay sober. In sober living, it’s also common that you will have to submit to routine drug tests.

This is to ensure that you’re upholding the rules of the house and, if you’re on probation, that you’re complying with those rules as well. It’s not easy to go from treatment to a sober living home where you’re faced with stricter rules.

But it’s better than having to support yourself on your own once leaving treatment completely.

Create a Routine

We mentioned earlier that exercise is a great addition to any routine, but it’s recommended that you have a routine you follow daily. By having a routine, you reduce the chances of sitting around doing nothing, making it easy for your mind to wander and want to use.

Having a routine could be getting up in the morning, exercising, going to work, coming home to cook dinner, and going to bed. Your routine should be something that you’re comfortable with doing daily.

If you’re not sure what you should make a part of your routine, think about what you did during treatment. While you might not have realized it, you created a routine as you worked through the damage that your addiction caused.

Attend Meetings

In treatment, you attended individual and group therapy sessions. During individual sessions, you worked with a counselor to dig deep into your addiction and identify the things that led to your addiction.

As well as the reasons that you continued to use it for so long.

In the group meetings, you get to share your story with others in recovery in some of the same situations you’ve been in. After treatment, it’s recommended that you continue to attend meetings like this.

During these meetings, you might work through things like the 12-steps. This should’ve been something you did somewhat during treatment.

You might also find what is known as a sponsor.

Your sponsor is the person that will walk you through the steps and be there for you if you have moments where you feel you’ll have a breakdown or are having thoughts of relapsing.


We understand that living in Los Angeles is a dream that tons of people have, but few get to experience. However, if you find that continuing to live in the area is causing you more stress than good, it might be time to think about relocating.

Moving to another location can give you the chance to turn over a new leaf and start fresh. We recommend that you take time to think this through because it’s a huge decision to make.

Reevaluate Your Living Situation

One thing that you might have touched on while in treatment is the environment that you surround yourself with. If you continue to stay in the same environment and don’t make a change, it increases the likelihood of relapse.

Think about moving in with someone in your support network. They can help to provide you the environment you need to continue your sobriety journey. If this doesn’t work, as we mentioned before, you’ve always got the option to choose a sober living home.

There you will get the structure that you need as you continue to relearn how to live without needing to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Be Patient With Yourself

As you continue on the road to recovery, you might find yourself becoming overwhelmed and frustrated with yourself. To remain sober in Los Angeles, you’ve got to learn to be patient and kind to yourself because everything doesn’t happen overnight.

For example, after treatment, you might have turned your life around but still be subjected to routine drug tests. As well as probation requirements because of past legal troubles. Remember that you do have to answer for the things you did in your past, but you don’t have to let those things hinder the progress that you’re making today.

When you feel yourself becoming angry, remember that you’ve got to take things one step at a time. Instead of trying to run as fast as you can, practice walking first.

When you go to meetings like NA and AA, they will instill in you to focus on what you can control and let go of things that you’ve got no control over.

Sober Living Los Angeles

There are several things you can do to continue sober living in Los Angeles. We’ve offered tons of tips above for you. Tips including always practice patience with yourself.

And that you should choose a sober living home if you’re not sure that you’re ready to begin living out on your own. If you’re looking for a sober living home to move into after treatment, contact Silicon Beach Treatment Center.

We can help you find living options after you’ve completed treatment. We can also provide advice about resources that you can use to continue with your sobriety journey.