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How Long Are Partial Hospitalization Programs?

If you’ve been considering a partial hospitalization program (PHP) for addiction treatment, you may be wondering how long these programs typically last. Compared to most outpatient treatment programs, PHP options relatively have short-term lengths. However, they require considerable time and energy commitments from their participants.

When you’re ready to take the next steps toward a healthier future, a PHP could be an excellent option. At Silicon Beach Tx, we know how important it is to spend time with your family in the evening while receiving the support you need during the day. Our medical professionals and recovery specialist ensure you have a warm, supportive environment to learn to live without drugs and alcohol. Get started today by calling [Direct] or contacting our team online.

How Long Is a Typical PHP?

Unsurprisingly, how long a PHP program runs often depends on the patient participating. After all, it’s usually a transitory step back into functioning in the outside world. As each client’s path to addiction recovery differs, so do their PHP program lengths.

Most people stay at a PHP for about three to four weeks. However, many programs allow them to stay as long as needed before transitioning into a lower level of care. Each client will engage in therapy sessions that usually last about six hours. These sessions are typically available up to five days a week. While you can stay in your home for the duration of the program, it may benefit you to reside at a sober living home while undergoing a PHP.

What’s the Difference Between a PHP and an Intensive Outpatient Program?

The length of PHP and intensive outpatient program (IOP) sessions is one of the fundamental program differences. IOPs require less of a time commitment than PHPs. And while the length of a PHP is typically a surprisingly short-term period, an IOP may offer a similar program length.

At first glance, these two addiction treatment options may seem interchangeable. Neither requires residence at an addiction treatment facility, and both are flexible enough for clients to honor their family, work, school, and social commitments. However, a PHP is ideal for those with severe addictions or a recognized need for more support and structure. An IOP may suit those with many responsibilities to maintain outside addiction treatment.

What Should You Expect from a PHP for Addiction Treatment?

Many clients may be worried about the length of PHP sessions or how long the PHP is overall. But an excellent PHP will be flexible enough to work around scheduling conflicts and emergencies, so people should consider what they expect from a PHP before getting admitted instead of worrying about the length of treatment.

A Variety of Activities

First, a PHP can include activities other than medical and psychiatric interventions to better guarantee the program’s success. As clients will often be at a vulnerable stage of their path to addiction recovery, multiple forms of therapeutic care to help improve behavioral, mental, and physical health should be available.

Intensive Structure and Stability

A PHP should provide the same stability and structure as an inpatient program. As a typical intermediary between residential and outpatient treatment, clients should still have significant support from the addiction treatment facility but can now begin rejoining daily life. A PHP should support their clients’ adjustments as they transition back to their usual routine.

Compared to a typical outpatient treatment program, a PHP gives clients greater access to medical staff services, including possible medication-assisted treatment (MAT). This access allows for better monitoring of their condition and better care while giving them the freedom to go about their business on most days.

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