Family program

admin May 24, 2019

Addiction is a family disease in which family members are severely affected by their loved one’s addiction.  At Silicon Beach Treatment Center, we recognize the importance of involving all family members in their loved one’s treatment.  Family members can include parents, siblings, spouses, partners, and anyone the person suffering from addiction feels will support them through the recovery process.  Understanding how addiction affects each member of the family can greatly assist the affected persons recovery.  The greater the support each family member receives, the better likelihood that the person suffering from addiction can heal and maintain long term sobriety. 

Our Intensive Family Program offers intensive groups related to psycho-education about the disease of addiction, multi- family process group, understanding family roles, support groups, Al-anon panels and a space for the affected family member to speak freely and safely about their process to their family members.  Through these educational and process group activities, recovery will take place for the entire family.  

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

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