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Family Program

a family works together in a family program in los angelesAll participation in the family therapy program is voluntary. The participant must agree to attend all scheduled meetings. The participant will be expected to spend at least 4 hours per week on family therapy-related activities.
If necessary, arrangements can be made for housing during the first few weeks of treatment if the person suffering from addiction has family members who are unable to care for themselves because of their own addiction-related problems.

What Happens During Family Program Meetings?

During family program meetings, participants receive psycho-education about substance abuse and its impact on families, as well as information about how other members of the group are coping with the situation. Participants also receive guidance and support regarding how they might approach each other in a more constructive way. 

What Is the Point of Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a valuable tool in addiction recovery because it gives each family member an opportunity to speak openly and discuss their concerns and opinions about what they think might work best for the person suffering from addiction. This promotes healthy conflict resolution and individual growth. It can also support long-term recovery for the individual, as it widens the person’s support network.

Seek Support for Your Family at Silicon Beach Treatment Center Today

At Silicon Beach Treatment Center, we are committed to providing the best possible care for our clients and their families. We also provide other resources that can help families cope with addiction. For example, our family program provides psycho-education about addiction, guidance on how to communicate more effectively, and support services. We can also provide crisis intervention services and case management programs for our clients. Call 866.520.4881 to speak with one of our friendly addiction counselors about the family program at Silicon Beach Treatment Center. Our family therapy in Los Angeles is an effective tool in improving family relationships and increasing support for your loved one’s recovery.