Sober Living

Man cooking a meal in a sober living home

8 Things to Know About Sober Living

Sober living has become a major asset to recovery for many people. If you have reservations, here are 8 things to know about sober living.

Apartment sober living home

Halfway Homes vs. Sober Living vs. Transitional Living

Is there a difference between halfway homes, sober living homes, and transitional living homes? Or are they the same? Let’s find out…

Friends cooking together in a sober living home

Does Sober Living Actually Work?

Sober living is a common follow-up to addiction treatment. But do sober living homes actually work? Are they necessary? Let’s find out…

Flag and sparkler during holiday celebration

How to Have Fun While Staying Sober On Holidays

Alcohol and holidays often go hand-in-hand in our minds. But what if you’re in recovery? Here’s how to have fun while sober during holiday celebrations.

Outpatient treatment

What is After Rehab?

Now that you’ve completed an inpatient rehab facility what happens next? As many as 60% of people relapse after treatment making outpatient so important.

Sober Living

Sober Living

Silicon Beach Treatment Center offers excellent sober living options for those enrolled in our outpatient programs. To learn more call us at 833-LA-REHAB!

Environmental Wellness & Addiction

Environmental Wellness: Wellness Pt. 5

Environmental wellness motivates us to remember to be considerate of everything around us. t’s knowing the role of your ecological footprint.

What is sober living?

About Sober Living Sober living is an extremely important aspect of addiction recovery. Establishing a sober living lifestyle will help individuals in addiction recovery to create positive habits and an environment that is conducive for maintaining sobriety. When a client is in an inpatient treatment program they are in an extremely structured and safe environment… View more

Role of Transitional Living in Addiction Recovery

The Role of Transitional Living in Addiction Recovery More and more individuals in addiction recovery are discovering that they require an additional transition period between completing inpatient addiction treatment and returning home. There are many benefits for an individual when it comes to transitional living post-addiction treatment. Sober living or transitional living refers to a… View more

Benefits of Sober Living in Recovery

Why choose sober living? You’ve taken the first steps in recovery, which are often the most difficult, and detoxed in an addiction treatment program. Now you may be wondering, ‘What’s next?’ This is a daunting question that many in addiction recovery are faced with. Leaving the safety and security of inpatient treatment to return to… View more