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Alcoholism Warning Signs

Warning Signs of Alcoholism

If you are concerned that a loved one is struggling with alcoholism, there are warning signs that you can look for to determine if they are addicted to alcohol. While many signs are easily recognizable, others may be more difficult to identify. The severity of the abuse can also play a role in the warning signs that a person may exhibit. Some may choose to attempt to cover their alcohol abuse by drinking in private and hiding themselves from others, making it difficult for family and friends to identify the addiction and offer help. By identifying early warning signs of alcohol abuse, your loved one can get the treatment and help they need to return to things they enjoy most in life. Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the U.S. with 17.6 million people suffering from alcohol abuse or dependence. Approximately 88,000 deaths are annually attributed to excessive use of alcohol.

Warning signs to look out for include:

  • Drinking in secrecy or alone
  • Feeling hungover when not drinking
  • Choosing to drink instead of maintaining other responsibilities
  • Showing signs of irritability and extreme mood swings
  • Temporary blackouts or short-term memory loss
  • Becoming isolated or distant from friends and family

Some research suggests that alcoholism effects can be genetic, stemming from a family history. Having an alcoholic parent, antisocial behavior or a life event that has been transforming can also contribute to developing an addiction to alcohol. Some racial groups such as American Indians and Native Americans are at a greater risk than others for developing alcohol addiction. Individuals with family members with a history of alcoholism or who associate closely with heavy drinkers are at a greater risk for developing drinking problems. Those who suffer from a mental illness are also at an increased risk for using alcohol to self-medicate. Alcoholism can wreak havoc on the human body. Alcohol is a toxin that invades the glands and organs. The amount of sugar and empty calories in alcohol can lead to excessive weight gain in alcoholics.

There are physical warning signs of alcoholism to watch for, including:

  • Breath that smells of alcohol on a regular basis
  • Dry skin
  • Brittle hair and fingernails
  • A flushed appearance
  • A decrease in attention to personal hygiene including showering, dental care, resulting in unappealing aesthetics.
  • Yellowing of eyes and skin
  • Broken capillaries on the nose and face

If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol addiction, do not hesitate to seek help. An IOP or OP addiction treatment program can help to get you on to the road to recovery and return to your life. The addiction specialists at Silicon Beach Outpatient Center are here to help get you or your loved one specialized treatment. Contact us today at 310.846.8215 to speak with our addiction specialist team today.  

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