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Alcohol Poisoning

More than 66 million people in the United States engage in binge drinking each year, with 7% of all Americans qualifying for an alcohol abuse disorder every year. Many individuals, especially those who have been drinking for a long time or have had excessive alcohol consumption in the past month. While you may believe that rehabilitation at an alcohol addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, California is expensive, medical insurance companies are obligated to cover substance abuse therapy. For more information about the treatment options available at our alcohol addiction treatment program, please contact Silicon Beach Treatment Center today at [Direct].

The Dangers of Alcohol Poisoning?

Binge drinking is a frequent type of alcohol misuse. Binge drinking happens when you consume five or more drinks in two hours or less. Ethanol, which is the main active ingredient in alcohol that causes intoxication, is lethal in large amounts. Alcohol poisoning occurs when your blood alcohol level exceeds 0.20. Binge drinking, alcohol abuse, and alcohol poisoning put you at risk of suffering from alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning can be deadly if not treated promptly by a doctor.

What Is Alcohol Poisoning?

Signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning include:

  • Severe vomiting
  • Disorientation and confusion
  • Depressed or impaired breathing
  • Seizures
  • Pale or blue-tinged skin
  • Loss of consciousness

Alcohol poisoning can cause hypothermia, which causes your body temperature to drop dramatically. Hypothermia is another problem linked with alcohol poisoning. You may spend too long outside in cold weather while intoxicated, resulting in hypothermia and death. While outside in the cold, you might pass out and die.

Alcohol Abuse and Treatment

When you compulsively drink despite wanting to quit or suffering severe negative consequences as a result of your drinking, you have alcoholism. You can deal with powerful urges and symptoms of withdrawal when you try to quit without help, such as addiction recovery counseling, when you abuse or become physically dependent on alcohol.

Alcohol can have a direct, negative influence on your mind. Your brain produces more GABA, serotonin, and dopamine when you drink alcohol than it should. This is responsible for the pleasant feelings and emotions that come with being intoxicated. When the effects of alcohol wear off, you may feel down. If you continue to abuse alcohol, especially if you drink on a daily basis, your brain will eventually depend on it to produce the correct quantities of neurotransmitters.

Your pleasure and reward center in your brain can also be altered by alcohol. When you drink, your brain produces extra neurotransmitters, but it keeps them from doing so when you don’t. When your brain refuses to produce neurotransmitters because you stop drinking, you may experience withdrawal symptoms and ravenous hunger. It’s easy for people who are struggling with alcohol addiction to fall off the wagon.

Seek Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol addiction treatment combines evidence-based treatments with holistic therapy to ensure that you physically, mentally, and spiritually recover from alcoholism. Individual and group therapy focuses on assisting you in identifying triggers, developing healthy coping skills, and comprehending the intricate connection between addiction and your physical and psychological health.

Rehabilitation facilities allow you to include your loved ones and relatives in your treatment, which can help you prepare for it and ensure that you get the post-care therapy you need. We provide a variety of treatment options for you. Our intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization programs can help you recover from addiction and learn to live without alcohol.

Silicon Beach Treatment Center Can Help

If you or a loved one is having trouble with drinking, the first step toward sobriety is seeking assistance. The staff at Silicon Beach Treatment Center has the expertise, compassion, and commitment to help you attain your treatment goals. To learn more about our internationally renowned solutions, contact us now at [Direct].

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