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Weddington House

two people work on recovery in weddington house sober livingThe Weddington House sober living home is located in Sherman Oaks, California, in the San Fernando Valley. Weddington House was founded to help individuals who are coming out of our outpatient rehab programs re-enter society by providing them with sober living homes where they can live for a short period of time and recover from their addiction.

Weddington House sober living has a great physical setting. This home provides a safe and secure area where clients can begin the transition from an inpatient treatment setting to a less structured treatment program, such as our intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization program. Weddington House sober living also provides a supportive environment for individuals who are trying to stay clean and sober but may still be struggling with their ability to make healthy choices.

As the client progresses in their recovery, they will usually graduate from Weddington House’s sober living homes. For more information about our treatment programs or our sober living homes, please contact Silicon Beach Treatment Center today at 866.520.4881.

About Weddington House

Although each of our sober living homes offers an incredible experience, Weddington House is truly special. Located in Sherman Oaks in Los Angeles County, this location features upscale decor and tons of amenities for our residents to enjoy.

Weddington House has space for up to 12 male, female, and nonbinary individuals to enjoy the spacious living room and meeting areas, expansive modern kitchen, and comfortable bedrooms with separate ensuites. During their downtime, clients can enjoy a picturesque sitting area at the outdoor patio or go for a swim in the immaculate pool. Weddington House has 12 beds, spacious common areas, and comfortable bedrooms with separate ensuites. 

Chic Sober Living in Sherman Oaks

As we design and build our sober homes, our goal is to provide clients with more than just a safe space. Compared to many other residential facilities, Weddington House and our other sober living homes were purposefully designed so that clients can put their full attention on rehabilitation in a comfortable, welcoming environment with all of the amenities that they could want or need.

While at Weddington House, residents are able to enjoy their time either solo by taking advantage of private bedrooms or by making connections with their fellow residents.

There are many benefits of our LA sober living homes, including their close proximity to nearby 12-step groups and valuable community resources. You’ll find a thriving recovery community in Los Angeles, which, when coupled with our quality drug treatment in LA, helps to foster lasting recovery from addiction.

Why Should You Consider Sober Living in Los Angeles?

People who are addicted frequently find it difficult to maintain healthy relationships while they’re under the influence. This often continues into early recovery, which is why we advise patients to consider their interests, pleasure activities, and 12-step groups. We believe in this treatment method because relationships are an important component of continued development in early sobriety.

Clients can begin acclimating to sobriety and creating meaningful connections with their support network by participating in high-quality addiction treatment and groups focused on coping skills and interpersonal relationships.

Clients strengthen their recovery and form lifelong friendships when they connect to others. These interpersonal relationships are the metaphorical cure for addiction’s poison. You can recover through love and connection to others. 

Begin Recovery at Silicon

Beach Treatment Center Today If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, don’t wait to seek help. At Silicon Beach Treatment Center, we can provide you or your loved one with the support and treatment that you need. To learn more about how our drug treatment program can lead to lifelong recovery, please contact us at 866.520.4881 today. We look forward to seeing you begin your journey to sobriety.