Social Wellness: Wellness Pt. 8

Social Wellness & Addiction

Social Wellness: Wellness Pt. 8

Social wellness is determined by the people we spend time with and our community. It is the relationships we have and our interactions with others.

Occupational Wellness & Addiction

Occupational Wellness: Wellness Pt. 7

Occupational wellness is the level of fulfillment we find in work and feelings that our work makes a difference. Additionally it looks at work-life balance.

Intellectual Wellness & Addiction

Intellectual Wellness: Wellness Pt. 4

Intellectual wellness is associated with how we use our mind: how often we actively pursue new endeavors, our creativity, and our critical thinking.

Mindfulness and Addiction

Mindfulness and Addiction

Mindfulness. It’s a fascinating concept and one that can greatly help a person on their road to recovery. As the word implies, mindfulness is the ability to objectively interpret events without influence of your own personal bias. It’s a person’s impartial, conscious understanding or awareness of the world around them in the present moment. One… View more

Tips for Maintaining Positivity in Addiction Recovery

Maintaining Positivity in Addiction Recovery While there is really no way to avoid negativity completely in life, you can make the commitment to focus on positivity instead. In addiction recovery, there will be extremely difficult days where you will struggle and won’t want to leave the comforts of your bed, these are the times where… View more

Yoga and Addiction Recovery

Yoga and Addiction Recovery At Silicon Beach Outpatient Center we take the approach of treating the entire person during recovery and this is done by treating the mind, body, and spirit. Our team of specialists are involved every step of the way with the ultimate goal of helping clients reach their highest level of mental,… View more