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With space for 12 people, our Men’s Residence offers comfortable common areas and space to watch TV or socialize with other residents. Relax in a recliner while watching the game or sit by the fire after a long day. Prepare a meal on the grill outside while your cohorts congregate on the patio. Our men’s sober living in Los Angeles is ideal for helping you find the tools that you need to maintain your sobriety throughout the early days of your recovery.

At Silicon Beach Treatment Center, we strive to provide a safe, comfortable, and relaxing home for men in recovery. Silicon Beach Treatment Center’s Men’s Residence offers an upscale and modern sober living home for men in our program. For more information about men’s sober living in Los Angeles, please contact Silicon Beach Treatment Center today at 866.520.4881

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Connection Is Key to Addiction Recovery

Recovery is serious business. However, a large part of the journey is learning to have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol. With our sober living homes, we emphasize this element of recovery by providing clients with recreational amenities and encouraging them to enjoy their free time after group and therapy. We pride ourselves on connecting our men’s rehab and recovery residences with the community that surrounds them.

One of the biggest benefits of our LA sober living homes is their proximity to 12-step groups and community resources. When coupled with our quality drug treatment in Los Angeles, Silicon Beach has a thriving recovery community that helps to ensure lasting recovery from addiction. 

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The Statistic

2020-2021 Substance Abuse Rates in Men

Alcohol Abuse

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, an estimated 16.4 million men (12 years or older) had an alcohol use disorder in 2020-2021

This was over twice the rate of women with an alcohol use disorder (6.8 million).

Drug Abuse

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2020-2021, 3.6 million men had a drug use disorder.

This is nearly three times the rate of women with a drug use disorder (1.3 million).

Prescription Medication Abuse

SAMHSA reported that 6.2 percent of men aged 12 or older misused a prescription medication at least once in 2020-2021, while only 4.3 percent of women misused a prescription medication in the same period.

While substance abuse is an issue for all genders, as seen from these statistics, it is more prevalent in men. Some of the reasons why this is a notable difference stem from cultural values that may encourage aggressive male behavior and making riskier choices, while at the same time discouraging or stigmatizing men who share emotions or express vulnerability.

Feelings of shame or isolation when it comes to mental health and addiction recovery may be common, and men may turn to substances to try and suppress those feelings, which leads to a larger disconnect within the body and mind over time

But it is important to recognize that treatment options and a community of people working through similar situations is available. Through sober living homes in Los Angeles, such as Silicon Beach Treatment Center, you or a loved one can find the community and support needed to overcome substance abuse difficulties.

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We understand that it can be overwhelming to make the decision to get help for substance abuse. The caring team at Silicon Beach Treatment Center is standing by ready to help you begin your journey.

Silicon is a great program.

Silicon Beach Tx is full of bright staff in a world that feels very dark and isolating. I think if you’re struggling with substance use, it is the best place to go. If you are struggling with mental illness, lower your severity of symptoms at a residential before coming so they can help you as best as possible.

Megan J.

Thank God for Silicon Beach

My son was in silicon treatment center for more than year long and I was worried about him a lot in the beginning but later on they make me feel comfortable the way they treat their Patient they really care a lot from all aspects starting with his medicine and his behavior and diet, meeting and the activities and the weekends trips and most off all it’s a safe place to be!

Gabriel M.

I'm beyond grateful for SBTX.

This treatment center is one of the reasons why I am alive today and clean and sober. The care I got from staff while my stay there was so genuine and caring. I can’t put in words how grateful I am to have passed through Silicon Beach Treatment Center. They will always have a place in my heart and if you are looking for help this is by far one of the best places there is out there.


They make you feel at home.

I give you guys my word when I say they help a lot with recovery, they make you feel at home and welcome, They actually care about you and want you to do better for your life. It was a great experience and I told multiple people about it so they can get their lives back on track like I did! I recommend this place to anyone that need help with their addiction and mental illness cause it really helped me!

Sean R.
Finding Your Community

Men’s Sober Living in Los Angeles Provides a Recovery Community

Those battling addiction may struggle to maintain healthy relationships while they are in active addiction, a tendency that often carries into early recovery. For this reason, we urge our clients to find their passions, participate in recreational and holistic activities such as—such as nutrition counseling, yoga, and meditation groups—and attend 12-step groups. Because in early recovery, relationships are an essential ingredient for continued growth.

Clients can begin acclimating to recovery and forging meaningful relationships with their support network through quality addiction therapy and groups dedicated to coping skills and relationship building.

When they connect to peers, clients strengthen their recovery while developing friendships that can last a lifetime. These human connections are the metaphorical antidote to the disease of addiction. Through love and connection to others, our clients do recover. In addition, these peers can become mentors, offering life skills and other resources that can help one stay on the path of sobriety long after they leave treatment.

Additional Benefits of Men’s Sober Living in Los Angeles

There are a variety of additional benefits that go along with finding a sober living program. For instance, these benefits may include:

Guidance for recovery

It’s essential to have round-the-clock guidance for the initial stage of recovery. With the help of our sober living options, you have support and accountability throughout your stay. 

Freedom and independence

When you live in one of our sober living communities, you will live independently in a safe and healthy environment, without triggers. 

An easy transition back into normal life

Our sober living home provides an uncomplicated shift between a residential program and our outpatient treatment options. 

Less chance of relapse

The goal of our sober living homes is to provide clients with support and safety as they recover. Without being around your environmental triggers or the pressures of your friends and family members, you are significantly less likely to return to use. The encouragement available from other men in a residential program may also lessen the chance of relapse.


Sober living homes have rules and guidelines that residents must follow, such as curfews, drug and alcohol testing, and attendance at 12-step meetings. These guidelines help residents stay accountable for their actions and maintain their sobriety.

Life skills development

Sober living homes often offer programs and services that help residents develop essential life skills, such as budgeting, time management, and job readiness. These skills can help individuals transition back to independent living and maintain their sobriety.

These are only a few of the notable benefits of our men’s sober living homes in Los Angeles.  

Addiction Recovery Your Way. Addiction Recovery Your Way. Addiction Recovery Your Way.
Addiction Recovery Your Way. Addiction Recovery Your Way. Addiction Recovery Your Way.
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Learn More at Silicon Beach Treatment Center

At Silicon Beach Treatment Center, our men’s sober living homes in Los Angeles are here to help you manage your addiction. For more information about our treatment options or sober living homes, please reach out to us today at 866.520.4881.

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