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One of many people’s most significant questions about rehab is whether or not insurance will cover the costs. They’re often surprised to learn that insurance typically covers at least a portion of addiction treatment costs.

EmblemHealth is a large insurer based in New York. While Silicon Beach Treatment Center is in California, we work with most major insurers. We don’t believe the cost should ever be a barrier to getting life-saving treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol. We go out of our way to make treatment programs accessible to as many people as possible.

At Silicon Beach Treatment Center, we make a daily commitment to assisting those under our care in overcoming their addictions. Substance use is frequently a barrier or stumbling block that keeps the user from leading a happy and healthy life. We offer freedom from drugs and alcohol with the aid of our substance use treatment programs. We work hard to create a welcoming environment for our clients at our Los Angeles addiction recovery facility.

Contact Silicon Beach Treatment Center today to find comprehensive Los Angeles outpatient addiction treatment that can help you overcome substance abuse.

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We Work With Most Insurance

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EmblemHealth Overview

If you’re looking for an EmblemHealth drug and alcohol rehab center in Los Angeles, consider our evidence-based programs at Silicon Beach Treatment Center. We are in-network with most insurers nationwide so that rehab costs may be lower for you. Depending on your plan and insurer, a significant portion of treatment costs may be covered.

EmblemHelath is one of the most significant nonprofit health plans in the country, and there are more than three million members of the Manhattan-based company. The company provides health insurance coverage for families, individuals, and employers.

The coverage available through EmblemHealth for substance abuse treatment varies for members depending on the state where they live, their plan, and where they plan to receive treatment. Most plans from EmblemHealth will, at least to an extent, cover substance abuse treatment.

Treatment may need to be preauthorized when the insurer decides if the treatment is medically necessary.

EmblemHealth usually requires members to meet co-pays, co-insurance, or deductibles before covering substance abuse treatment.

If you’re looking for a LA EmblemHealth addiction treatment center, contact Silicon Beach Treatment Center. We offer quality care to help you overcome addiction and are a leading Los Angeles EmblemHealth drug rehab.

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EmblemHealth Plans

Along with Medicaid and Medicare plans, options available through this insurer to individuals and families include:

  • Platinum: This is a plan with no deductible and free preventative care. The plan has the highest monthly costs. 
  • Gold: This plan is a good option if you want to pay less than you would for the Platinum plan, but you visit doctors often. The deductible is low and includes drugs before the deductible is met.
  • Silver: The plan includes a higher deductible but free preventative care and one primary care visit before the deductible.
  • Bronze: The Bronze EmblemHealth plan is geared toward someone who only seeks care sometimes and wants to save money, but the deductible is high.
  • Basic: Also known as a catastrophic plan, this has the highest deductible but the lowest monthly costs.
  • Essential: The Essential Plan is available through the New York State of Health marketplace and has no premiums or deductibles. Eligibility is income-based.

If you’re unsure what your plan covers or want to learn more about going to an EmblemHealth drug and alcohol rehab center in Los Angeles, our team can help. Silicon Beach Treatment Center is a Los Angeles outpatient rehab facility offering varying levels of care.

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We understand that it can be overwhelming to make the decision to get help for substance abuse. The caring team at Silicon Beach Treatment Center is standing by ready to help you begin your journey.

Silicon is a great program.

Silicon Beach Tx is full of bright staff in a world that feels very dark and isolating. I think if you’re struggling with substance use, it is the best place to go. If you are struggling with mental illness, lower your severity of symptoms at a residential before coming so they can help you as best as possible.

Megan J.

Thank God for Silicon Beach

My son was in silicon treatment center for more than year long and I was worried about him a lot in the beginning but later on they make me feel comfortable the way they treat their Patient they really care a lot from all aspects starting with his medicine and his behavior and diet, meeting and the activities and the weekends trips and most off all it’s a safe place to be!

Gabriel M.

I'm beyond grateful for SBTX.

This treatment center is one of the reasons why I am alive today and clean and sober. The care I got from staff while my stay there was so genuine and caring. I can’t put in words how grateful I am to have passed through Silicon Beach Treatment Center. They will always have a place in my heart and if you are looking for help this is by far one of the best places there is out there.


They make you feel at home.

I give you guys my word when I say they help a lot with recovery, they make you feel at home and welcome, They actually care about you and want you to do better for your life. It was a great experience and I told multiple people about it so they can get their lives back on track like I did! I recommend this place to anyone that need help with their addiction and mental illness cause it really helped me!

Sean R.
Finding Treatment

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Rehab Programs

If you’re going to an in-network rehab center, EmblemHealth has an agreement to provide treatment at lower rates than other providers. If you have EmblemHealth coverage and go to an out-of-network provider, you’ll probably pay higher costs out-of-pocket because there isn’t an agreement between the insurer and the provider.

In some situations, you would be expected to cover all your treatment costs if you went out-of-network.

That’s why working with in-network rehab centers is so important. This will decrease the costs you’re expected to pay out-of-pocket so you can fully focus on your recovery.

Silicon Beach Treatment Center offers EmblemHealth addiction treatment in Los Angeles on an outpatient basis.

Addiction Recovery Your Way. Addiction Recovery Your Way. Addiction Recovery Your Way.
Addiction Recovery Your Way. Addiction Recovery Your Way. Addiction Recovery Your Way.
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Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

There’s often a misconception that insurance won’t cover rehab costs. In actuality, most plans and insurers offer at least some level of coverage for addiction treatment.

Both private and public insurance may cover some or all of the costs of rehab. The Affordable Care Act requires long-term private and public insurance plans to cover ten essential health benefits. Among these are treatments for behavioral and mental health disorders, including substance use disorders.

The specific amount of coverage you’ll receive depends on your plan, and you may have out-of-pocket responsibilities. These can include:

  • You might have to pay a deductible for covered services before your insurance starts. If you have a $2,000 deductible, you must pay that amount for covered treatment before your insurance offers coverage.
  • Co-pays are fixed amounts you pay for treatment before or after meeting your deductible.
  • Co-insurance is the percentage of the total cost of your covered treatment you’re responsible for after meeting your deductible. If you have a plan with a higher monthly premium, you can usually anticipate lower co-pays and co-insurance rates.

Silicon Beach Treatment Center is an EmblemHealth drug and alcohol rehab center in Los Angeles. Our treatment programs are offered on a flexible but effective outpatient basis.

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What Types of Treatment Will EmblemHealth Cover?

Some of the particular types of programs that may be covered by EmblemHealth include:

A PHP is a structured addiction treatment program that requires a time commitment of several hours a day throughout the week. You participate in treatment during the day, returning home in the evening. A PHP could be the right option for someone who’s medically stable but also needs treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders. PHPs can include many types of therapy, including group and individual therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, and medication management. It’s an intensive level of treatment but offered on an outpatient basis.

An IOP can be used to treat a milder substance use disorder or a step following a more intensive inpatient program. You can maintain home or outside responsibilities while receiving treatment during an IOP. Depending on your unique treatment plan, you might participate in clinical services several hours a day, three to five days a week.

If you’re ready for more accountability in your recovery but need continued support, you could be a good fit for an outpatient rehab program. There’s a high degree of flexibility, and you explore what recovery looks like in reality. You might participate in several group therapy sessions weekly and one individual session.

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Silicon Beach Treatment Accepts EmblemHealth

If you’re searching for an EmblemHealth drug rehab center in Los Angeles, contact Silicon Beach Treatment Center. Not only can we explain our programs and help you take the next step, but we can also verify your insurance so you know what to expect financially. Begin your recovery now.

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