Beach House

At Beach House, the beautiful Playa del Rey beach is never far away, literally just across the street. With each morning jog and evening stroll, you can experience the immense peace and conviction in your recovery at Silicon Beach Treatment Center’s Beach House.

The Silicon Beach Treatment Center Beach House is our premier sober living home, located just off the beach in Playa del Rey.

Available for up to 10 male and female clients, Beach House features beautiful cathedral ceilings in the common areas as well as tons of bright, breezy space for relaxing or socializing. A large modern kitchen offers ample space to express culinary creativity by trying new recipes with friends.

With plenty of charm and luxury in a warm, friendly environment, Beach House offers space for ten residents in this bright, sunny home.

Don't wait to get your life back.

Don't wait to get your life back.

Beachside Sober Living in Los Angeles

When it comes to post-treatment recovery, part of the journey is to learn to have fun without relying on drugs or alcohol.

Our sober living homes are designed to enhance this element of recovery by providing clients with recreational amenities and encouraging them to enjoy their free time after group and therapy. In fact, residents aren't solely limited to socializing with other Beach House residents; we encourage residents to connect with individuals in our other recovery residences as well as with the surrounding community.

There are many benefits of our LA sober living homes, including their close proximity to nearby 12-step groups and valuable community resources. You'll find a thriving recovery community in Los Angeles, which, when coupled with our quality drug treatment in LA, helps to foster lasting recovery from addiction.

Drug Treatment in LA – A Recovery Community

Those who struggle with addiction have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships while they're in active addiction. This often carries into early recovery as well, which is why we encourage clients to explore their passions, recreational activities, and 12-step groups. Because in early recovery, relationships are an essential ingredient for continued growth.

Through quality addiction therapy and groups dedicated to coping skills and relationship building, clients can begin acclimating to recovery and forging meaningful relationships with their support network.

When they connect to peers, clients strengthen their recovery while developing friendships that can last a lifetime. These human connections are the metaphorical antidote to the disease of addiction.

Through love & connection to others, we do recover.
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