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Amigo House

a woman is thankful for amigo house sober living The Silicon Beach Treatment Center Amigo House is one of our newer sober living homes and is located in Tarzana in Los Angeles County, California. Our Tarzana sober living homes are drug and alcohol-free. Our staff provides the support that encourages lasting recovery by offering individualized treatment plans for each resident.

Our residents find comfort in knowing they will receive compassionate care from highly trained professionals who understand their struggles first-hand. Our goal is to help you enter back into society as a healthy, productive member of your community by helping you set goals for how to live your life in the future. We truly believe that each day presents new opportunities for growth.

You will receive the care you need to achieve lasting sobriety when you join our sober living community in Tarzana, California. Our goal is for each resident to regain their independence and re-enter society with renewed hope for their future. To learn more about our sober living homes, please contact Silicon Beach Treatment Center today at 866.520.4881

About Amigo House

At Amigo House in Tarzana, clients can enjoy our luxurious sober living home while participating in our residential and detox programs. With space for 15 men, women, and nonbinary individuals, Amigo House has everything one could need to relax and focus on sobriety.

Amigo House is our biggest facility, with a capacity for up to 15 males, females, and nonbinary people. This lovely home has a spacious open layout, comfy meeting areas, and a stunning interior design. Residents may connect in the big modern kitchen and dining area while experimenting with new recipes. Clients may also unwind in their own rooms with an ensuite and a desk for individual expression. Amigo House has a large contemporary kitchen and secluded quarters with en suites, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Luxury Sober Living in Tarzana

Amigo House is one of the best sober living homes in Los Angeles. Whether you need assistance with everyday chores or want help finding a rehab program that works for you, Amigo House can assist. For many individuals, Amigo House is the ideal choice for their recovery journeys.

Amigo House, like our other sober living homes, was created with leisure and comfort in mind. The perfectly-designed common areas at Amigo House give clients the opportunity to enjoy the serenity and luxury that were intended. Clients may take advantage of the meticulously planned communal spaces that offer a variety of intimate settings where they can unwind.

There are several advantages to living in a Los Angeles sober living home, including their proximity to nearby 12-step organizations and valuable community services. In Los Angeles, you’ll discover a thriving recovery scene that, when combined with our high-quality addiction treatment in LA, aids in the long-term recovery of our clients.

Why Should You Consider Sober Living Homes in Tarzana?

Those who are addicted may struggle to keep healthy relationships while they are active. This is sometimes carried over into early recovery, which is why we advise clients to focus on their interests, hobbies, and 12-step groups.

Clients can start acclimating to sobriety and forming meaningful relationships with their support network by undergoing high-quality addiction therapy and groups focused on coping skills and relationship building.

Clients build lifelong relationships and benefit from peer support while recovering. These interpersonal connections are the antidote to addiction’s poison. 

Contact Silicon Beach Treatment Center Today

Located in the heart of Tarzana, California, Silicon Beach Treatment Center is a premier provider of addiction treatment and recovery services. We also have four other sober living communities, which are as follows:

  • Weddington House
  • Beach House
  • Women’s Residence
  • Men’s Residence

To learn more about our luxury sober living homes and private rooms for men and women struggling with addiction, please contact us at 866.520.4881 today to speak with a professional counselor.