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A residential treatment facility that specializes in drug treatment.

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Begin your recovery process and avoid a relapse, as well as learn how to live a drug-free existence.


Individualized Drug Treatment

Everyone’s addiction story is unique! Because of this, it is impossible to generalize about one person’s recovery, as no two people have the same history, mental issues, or alcohol addictions. As a result, our drug treatment strategies in California are dependent on each individual’s unique circumstances.

Program Summary

Our California drug treatment program is comprehensive, addressing substance as well as other addiction issues. It also takes into account a patient’s overall medical needs as well as any mental health issues, as well as substance addiction.

The Advantages of Drug Treatment

Treatment Phases

According to our study, individuals who get treatment for drug addiction are less likely to relapse and stay clean for longer. It’s also critical to develop an aftercare strategy once rehabilitation is complete and you’re ready to return to your usual schedule.


• Understand •

Rehabilitation, which comes after a competent detox program, will focus on your addiction’s psychological aspects. Knowing the origin of your addiction might assist you in resisting drug cravings and allowing your brain to heal without using drugs.


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After you’ve completed our outpatient program, we’ll assist you in transitioning into a more flexible aftercare program. You may return to your home and put what you’ve learned during the rehabilitation stage to good use. Continue to receive the support you require to stay sober.

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Drug Treatment Services

You’ll get a free combination of treatments that have been shown to help with recovery while you’re recovering.

How Much Does Our Drug Treatment Center Cost?

• Paying for Addiction Treatment •

The cost of drug treatment at Silicon Beach Behavioral Health is determined on a person-by-person basis. Why? We custom-made solutions for each customer based on their unique addiction, background, and mental health needs. We work with most insurance firms in the United States to provide you with the best possible coverage at a reasonable cost. You can use the link below to see whether your insurance will cover the cost of your drug treatment.

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