Inpatient rehab

Outpatient vs. Inpatient Rehab: What’s the Difference?

Today, 10% of American adults get drug use disorder during their lives. Substance abuse is a very real problem, especially since many of us lead such high-stress lifestyles. What started off as casual use can quickly become dependence and addiction. While it might feel like you’re trapped in a hopeless cycle, don’t lose hope. There are… View more

Rehab: The Way Out of Addiction

What is Rehab Like?

The thought of attending rehab can be intimidating. However, more than anything attending inpatient rehab is similar to going to summer camp.

avoiding triggers at holiday dinners is a good reason to go to rehab for the holidays

Three Reasons to Spend the Holiday in Rehab

You might be looking ahead and thinking, “this year I get my life back”. Why wait? Here are three reasons spending the holiday in rehab is your best option.

Alcoholism Rehab

For someone to admit they a problem and them being open to seeking help is just the beginning, but an extremely important step towards maintaining sobriety.