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Friends cooking together in a sober living home

Does Sober Living Actually Work?

Sober living is a common follow-up to addiction treatment. But do sober living homes actually work? Are they necessary? Let’s find out…

Woman filling out health insurance forms for sober living

Will My Health Insurance Plan Cover a Sober Living Home?

Most health insurance providers cover addiction treatment, but what about sober living homes? Will my health insurance plan cover a sober living home?

Diverse people sharing at a group session

The Four Cs of Addiction, Explained

Addiction is a complex illness. However, the four Cs of addiction allows us to distill addiction to its most basic tenets. So let’s break them down.

The brain as technology

The Psychology of Addiction

Addiction is a brain disease that has many profound effects on the brain. To give you a better understanding, let’s break down the psychology of addiction.

Woman experiencing distress from a mental disorder

Which Mental Health Disorders Increase Vulnerability to Addiction?

There are many things that can lead to addiction, including mental disorders. So let’s look at the top mental health disorders that can lead to addiction.

Man suffering from addiction feels hopeless

Tolerance, Dependence, Addiction: Is There a Difference?

Tolerance. Chemical dependence. Addiction. These are common terms, but it’s not easy to know which is right in each situation. So let’s break them down.

Artist's hands over canvas

Are Creative People More Likely to Become Addicted?

Many brilliant creatives have had lifelong struggles with substance abuse… Why? Is there a connection between creativity and addiction? Let’s find out.

Young woman suffers from a mental disorder

Addiction Comorbidity, Explained

Addiction comorbidity is when someone suffers from addiction as well as a co-occurring disorder… and we’re taking a look at this concept in more detail.

Man in handcuffs sitting at a table

The Truth About Crime & Substance Abuse

Many people assume that crime and substance abuse go hand-in-hand, but is it true? Let’s take a look at some real data and facts to answer this question.

Flag and sparkler during holiday celebration

How to Have Fun While Staying Sober On Holidays

Alcohol and holidays often go hand-in-hand in our minds. But what if you’re in recovery? Here’s how to have fun while sober during holiday celebrations.