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partial hospitalization program

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

You’re ready to pursue treatment for your addiction. You want to regain control of your life and stick to sobriety long-term. You’ve had people ask if you’re “really serious this time.” Are you serious enough to make pursuing recovery a full-time job?  Have you tried meetings or outpatient treatment and continue to struggle with addiction?… View more

alcohol treatment

The Basics of Alcohol Treatment

Thousands of people die annually from alcohol-related circumstances. They ruin their lives and the lives of their loved ones by turning to this substance.  If you are looking for help with your addiction, you don’t have to do it alone. Read here if you want assistance with alcohol treatment and what to do. How Do… View more

addiction and family

How Addiction and Family Are Impacted

Addiction and family are intertwined. 46 percent of Americans have a family member or close friend with a history of addiction.  Addiction is never insignificant. But it has its most profound impact on a family unit. Yet a family can start getting help with addiction and working together to make a recovery.  How can addiction root… View more

kratom addiction

How to Identify and Treat a Kratom Addiction

Studies show that over 15 million Americans are currently using Kratom, and that number might actually be much higher. Kratom is often billed as a safe alternative to Opioid drugs or a “natural high”; however, those statements couldn’t be further from the truth. Kratom is a dangerous drug, and Kratom addiction could be affecting someone… View more

intensive outpatient program

What Is Intensive Outpatient Program?

In Los Angeles, around 7% of adults over 26 have substance use disorder (SUD). Another 21% binge drink and another 26% use some type of illicit drug. As you can see, substance abuse is a real problem. Chances are, either you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction. So you might be researching… View more

IOPs in Los Angeles

10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About IOPs in Los Angeles

You may know that the COVID-19 pandemic increased rates of mental health disorders. But did you know that it also exacerbated addiction disorders? The American Psychological Association reports that opiate and stimulant addictions have been up since the pandemic’s start. If you’re struggling with an addiction disorder, don’t lose hope. Intensive outpatient programs or IOPs in… View more

Inpatient rehab

Outpatient vs. Inpatient Rehab: What’s the Difference?

Today, 10% of American adults get drug use disorder during their lives. Substance abuse is a very real problem, especially since many of us lead such high-stress lifestyles. What started off as casual use can quickly become dependence and addiction. While it might feel like you’re trapped in a hopeless cycle, don’t lose hope. There are… View more

Los Angeles IOPs

Why You Should Consider Los Angeles IOPs for Your Addiction

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) can help patients with substance use disorders who don’t require 24-hour supervision. As an alternative to inpatient treatment, an IOP could help you maintain your sobriety. In fact, researchers consider IOPs as an important part of the continuum of care for drug and alcohol use disorders. They’re as effective as inpatient… View more

Los Angeles rehab centers

8 Signs You Should Consider Visiting a Los Angeles Rehab Center

If you’re struggling with a habit, you might be wondering if you’re slipping into an addiction. It’s important to take a close look at your situation and understand whether or not you’d benefit from a visit to a rehab center. Los Angeles rehab centers are there for you when you need them, but the decision is… View more

rehabs in Los Angeles California

10 Factors to Consider When Choosing Rehabs in Los Angeles, California

There are now over 14,000 treatment facilities in America, offering treatment to over 3.7 million people. Not every rehabilitation facility will offer the services and programs you need, though. Are you considering rehabilitation this year? Keep these 10 qualities in mind as you research rehabs in Los Angeles California. By reviewing this list, you can… View more