Common Questions (& Answers) About Sober Living

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Spelling HELP with Scrabble

Helping vs. Enabling: What’s the Difference?

All addicts benefit from the support of their loved ones. But how do you help without enabling? This is our helping vs enabling breakdown.

Kratom powder and capsules

Kratom, Explained

Many drugs are prone to abuse, but Kratom is one that many people are unfamiliar with. This is Kratom explained: What is it? Is it addictive?

Apartment sober living home

Halfway Homes vs. Sober Living vs. Transitional Living

Is there a difference between halfway homes, sober living homes, and transitional living homes? Or are they the same? Let’s find out…

Man and sober companion on steps

What is a Sober Companion?

Sober companions are becoming a common tool for sustaining one’s sobriety. But what is a sober companion? Does having a sober companion work?

Friends cooking together in a sober living home

Does Sober Living Actually Work?

Sober living is a common follow-up to addiction treatment. But do sober living homes actually work? Are they necessary? Let’s find out…

The brain as technology

The Psychology of Addiction

Addiction is a brain disease that has many profound effects on the brain. To give you a better understanding, let’s break down the psychology of addiction.

Woman experiencing distress from a mental disorder

Which Mental Health Disorders Increase Vulnerability to Addiction?

There are many things that can lead to addiction, including mental disorders. So let’s look at the top mental health disorders that can lead to addiction.

Man suffering from addiction feels hopeless

Tolerance, Dependence, Addiction: Is There a Difference?

Tolerance. Chemical dependence. Addiction. These are common terms, but it’s not easy to know which is right in each situation. So let’s break them down.

Why Do So Many Addicts Self-Medicate?

We’ve all heard about how addicts often use alcohol and drugs to alleviate their emotional and physical pain. But why do so many addicts self-medicate?