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Our alumni program includes a variety of events such as barbeques, kickball, speaker meetings and many more activities to bring our community together. Positive leadership is a valuable trait of our alumni. Returning community members who completed our program can help shine the light to those just starting their journey.

We encourage a strong support network after treatment to walk through daily challenges you may face. After treatment is completed we encourage alumni to use us as a resource for recovery focused support. We partner with local business for employment opportunities for our alumni in addition to offering internships at Silicon Beach Treatment Center


Research suggests that when family is involved in the recovery process it creates an extremely beneficial and positive effect.

We realize the importance in having family be informed and heard throughout their loved one’s care. During the treatment process families are encouraged to stay in contact with our clinical team

By having the family engaged in treatment it increases the likelihood of their family member completing treatment and continuing their recovery process. In order to do so, strong boundaries, encouraging support and commitment to change is needed.

During the recovery process there are times when relapse does occur. We understand the difficulty of these situations and believe that it is important to work quickly to minimize the damage a relapse can cause. It is highly recommended to take relapse seriously and contact treatment professionals to steer the individual back on their recovery path.