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10 Factors to Consider When Choosing Rehabs in Los Angeles, California

There are now over 14,000 treatment facilities in America, offering treatment to over 3.7 million people. Not every rehabilitation facility will offer the services and programs you need, though. Are you considering rehabilitation this year? Keep these 10 qualities in mind as you research rehabs in Los Angeles California.

By reviewing this list, you can make a more informed choice when choosing a facility. You can find the best addiction treatment Los Angeles can offer with ease.

Otherwise, you might not realize the facility lacks the services and programs you require until it’s too late.

Save yourself time and stress. Start your search for the best drug and alcohol treatment Los Angeles can offer with these tips today.

1. Understand Your Needs

Before you start researching the drug and alcohol treatment Los Angeles has available, consider your unique needs. Making a list of your needs will help you narrow down your options. You can choose a facility that offers services and programs with your needs in mind.

Otherwise, you might choose a facility that fails to help you accomplish your treatment goals.

Make a list of everything you hope to accomplish by seeking addiction treatment. For example, you might need to complete a medical detox. It’s important to complete a full detox under the attention of medical professionals.

With that in mind, you can choose a facility that offers medical detoxing services.

Otherwise, consider your overall health. Are you struggling with a mental health issue? You might want to find a facility that offers dual diagnosis treatment.

Once you make a list of your goals, look for an alcohol or drug addiction treatment facility that offers what you need.

2. Consider Credentials

As you develop a list of rehabs in Los Angeles, California, take the time to review each center’s credentials. You don’t want to choose a facility, only to realize they’re not accredited. Finding a facility with the right credentials will give you peace of mind.

You’ll know they meet the highest standard of care.

Otherwise, you might choose a facility that operates without considering patient needs.

Look for a facility that earned accreditation from the Joint Commission or CARF. Ask for proof that their licensing is up-to-date, too. A licensed, accredited facility will follow the latest treatment and safety guidelines.

You’ll feel safer staying in an accredited facility.

The best drug addiction treatment Los Angeles can offer will want to provide the best possible services. Some facilities try to show patients they’re dedicated to offering the best services by participating in local organizations. 

For example, you might find a facility that has memberships with the:

  • National Board of Certified Counselors
  • State and Federal Chambers of Commerce
  • National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers
  • Better Business Bureau

Make sure the facility is up-to-date with new procedures and treatment options, too. These facilities strive to offer top-notch services. You’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re not offering outdated procedures or treatments. 

3. Research the Team

It’s not enough to find rehabs in Los Angeles, California that have the proper credentials. You need to make sure their team has the proper credentials, too. If the team isn’t licensed, they could struggle to meet the right standards of care.

The team could lack the proper training as well. They could make costly, dangerous mistakes when treating your addiction.

Instead, learn more about who will supervise your treatment.

For example, the team should include a licensed professional alcohol and drug counselor. Otherwise, look for a certified addictions counselor.

If the team doesn’t have a certified expert on staff, you might not receive the proper care.

A full, multidisciplinary team should also include licensed:

  • Medical doctors
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Nurses
  • Chemical dependency counselors

You might benefit from working with a nutritionist or wellness specialist, too. Some teams keep spiritual counselors on staff as well. 

Take the time to tour a few drug addiction treatment Los Angeles facilities on your list. Then, ask who will help provide your treatment. Try to meet with these specialists in person.

Then, ask questions about their education and training. Learning more about their experience can give you peace of mind. 

4. Plan for Detoxing

Remember, you might require a medical detox before you can start your rehabilitation process. Look for addiction treatment in Los Angeles that starts with an on-site detox.

Ask what the detox process entails. Learning more about the process will help you develop realistic expectations. 

Without a professional medical team on-site, you could struggle through the detox process alone. You could experience serious medical symptoms, including:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Delirium tremens (DTs)

The DTs can include high blood pressure, fever, and heavy sweating. 

Finding drug addiction treatment programs that offer medically supervised detoxing is essential. They’ll ensure your safety throughout the process.

5. Look for Evidence-Based Services

As you explore the Los Angeles rehab center options available, consider the services you need. You might benefit from an evidence-based program. These programs might include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Medication-assisted therapy
  • Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy
  • Solution-focused brief therapy
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Motivational enhancement and interview
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Twelve-step facilitation

You can schedule a consultation appointment with someone at each of the addiction centers on your list. Then, ask what therapies they believe will help you accomplish your goals. Why do they recommend those specific programs?

Ask if they have any proof those programs help people suffering from your specific addiction.

Finding evidence-based programs can help you find a successful program. You’ll feel reassured knowing you’ve chosen an effective program.

6. Search for Specialties

Some addiction treatment Los Angeles centers offer specialized services.

Remember, your situation is unique. You might need to find a facility that can offer a unique approach to your rehabilitation, too. Exploring different programs can help you build the customized treatment you need.

For example, parents might want to consider gender-specific services for their children. Gender-specific programs could minimize potential distractions for the patient. Some programs help teenagers continue their education during rehabilitation as well.

You might want to look for a facility that has on-site tutors available.

Adults, on the other hand, might want to look for programs that include vocational services. Vocational services will allow you to develop your skillset. You can then leave the program with hands-on job experience. 

Finding a job after you leave rehabilitation can minimize financial stressors. You can also support yourself financially.

Ask each facility if they offer sober activities, too. You can develop new skills and discover new hobbies. Developing a hobby can act as a positive distraction that might help you maintain your sobriety.

7. Understand Their Success Rate

Every facility will try to convince you that they successfully help patients maintain their sobriety. You don’t have to take their word for it, though. Instead, ask each facility for proof of its success rate. 

How many patients did the facility help in the past year? How many of those patients relapsed?

If the facility doesn’t track its success rate, it might not make informed changes to its services. It could abandon patients after they seek treatment, too.

Don’t believe a facility if it tries to offer a 100% guarantee. Instead, choose a facility that relies on data. Ask for proof of their successes.

Remember, you can ask for proof by looking for a facility that offers evidence-based programs, too.

8. Check Your Insurance

As you begin narrowing down your options, make sure your insurance will cover the rehabs in Los Angeles, California you’re considering. Choosing a facility that’s within your network can take a little pressure off your shoulders. These facilities likely meet the insurance company’s expectations for treatment as well.

About 20 million Americans never receive the treatment they need. Most Americans say cost and lack of insurance is the main obstacle they experience. About half use their own money to pay for care.

If your insurance won’t cover the treatment, that’s okay. Ask each facility for an itemized list of their costs. Then, compare your options.

Don’t choose the cheapest drug and alcohol treatment Los Angeles can offer. Instead, use these tips to find the best drug addiction treatment programs based on your needs. 

9. Determine the Program Duration

Remember, you’ll want to choose a facility based on your unique needs. With that in mind, it’s important to choose a program based on its duration.

Some programs only last 30 days. You might find that’s not long enough to receive the help you need.

Instead, look for a 60- or 90-day program in the area.

10. Consider an IOP

You might want to find a facility that offers intensive outpatient care (IOP), too.

After you complete your rehabilitation, you can use an IOP to transition back into the real world. You can continue seeking treatment to maintain your sobriety. If you’re ever struggling, you can find help from your support team.

Finding a facility that offers an IOP can help you avoid a relapse.

Start Your Search: 10 Tips for Finding the Best Rehabs in Los Angeles, California

You’re not limited to choosing the first drug addiction treatment Los Angeles offers. Instead, use these tips to vet the rehabs in Los Angeles, California. With these tips, you can narrow down your options.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen the best facilities based on your distinct needs.

Need help making the choice? We’re here for you.

Contact us today to get started.